Job Offer, Clubs, Water Boil... in 2019 - September

  • Sept. 20, 2019, 2:29 p.m.
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19 September, 2019 – Thursday

Duh! I realized a little bit ago what it is I wanted to get down here but kept forgetting… Brian was offered another job in a different department. Related, but different, I think. And, I think it is possibly the same department (or group, whatever) that his ex-fiancee chick works in… But he hasn’t mentioned that. It is the promotion he was looking for, but he isn’t thrilled because he really likes what he does now, so he is kind of “meh” about it all. I guess something big is happening with his department, like it is getting brought into a different larger department or something like that, and he isn’t looking forward to that. Plus, he got shitty the other day because there was this huge meeting thing and he basically made sure everything happened, there were 3 or 4 people who he got organized, got all the info from, blah blah blah and made the presentation happen, but he got zero credit from the big big guy, even though that guy thanked the people Brian had organized and managed. So, he is just over that guy, apparently he doesn’t like project managers, and Brian has never had much interaction with him because neither of them seem to want it heh. But Brian does all this work all the time and never gets credit from him, and it is starting to wear on him (finally).

Well, I must go jump in the shower. After the discussion I had with Paige a few weeks or a month ago or whatever, she ended up joining a couple of clubs at school! Tonight she is going to an open house thing as a rep for the Environmental club or something of that nature (ha! an unexpected pun). I likely have to drive her there because Brian won’t be home in time to take her… And Elle will likely be here around the same time, so… ehh… Gotta talk to Brian and figure it out. More soon!

20 September, 2019 – Friday (!!)

Not sure why, but I still look forward to Fridays even though I don’t work a 9-5… I guess it is just a change in the way the day works? Ionno. This weekend will be working differently that other weekends, because apparently we are under a boil water advisory!! Though we have had threat of these before, we have never actually been included in one until now. And it is seemingly a HUGE area affected! I have already, out of habit, accidentally rinsed the fruit and cutting board as I was cutting an apple! DOH! I had to think hard about if I had used any water at all up to the point when we found out, and I did! I had used some not long before to take my meds. Luckily, it seems it is just a precaution and apparently nothing has been detected in our water here yet (EEW!!!!). Brian had mentioned last night about wanting to possibly go out to grab a bite tonight, so we are definitely doing that now. BUT, we have to think about where, I guess? Will restaurants still run? I mean, how does that even work? Brian seemed surprised that I never had to deal with this before… I feel like we live in a 3rd world country at the moment! He grew up with this happening periodically… I lived in a place that was ranked like the top of nation for water quality (at least back then), so everywhere since has sucked =p And it seems that we will possibly need to do this all weekend… Sorry if I am repeating myself, I have been writing this over a 3+ hour period =p

And, Paige is going to the football game tonight (at our encouraging all week)! Woo!

More soon!

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