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  • Sept. 19, 2019, 9:45 p.m.
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I read somewhere that it takes 17 days to form a habit. I also heard 21. Personally I don’t think it’s that easy. But it is not difficult either. You just want to have to do it, whatever it is.
I have become a night cat, whereas before I was a morning bird.
My personal relationship with money is easy going. I’ve never had too much but I’ve always had enough. When I make a lot, we spend it. When I don’t make as much, we live more simply. I’m not interested in fancy restaurant meals, fancy clothes, expensive shoes, German cars or showing off. On the contrary.
For me, money is freedom. That’s why I can go to Taiwan for three months at the end of the year. I’ve made enough. It’s terrible the tax I pay already. I don’t need to jump into the next tax bracket too. That in economics is called a diminishing rate of utility, or something like that. It’s been a while since I read an economics book.
When I go to Taiwan, I will live simply. I will have lots of time, so I will walk and bike instead of taking a taxi. I will take the slow train instead of the high speed one. It takes twice as long but costs half as much. I will eat…well I don’t have to consider this…food in Taiwan is cheap unless you go to the big hotels for exotic seafood feasts, or coffee and cookies in the lobby.
On Youtube, Ting Ting’s sister visits from OZ and they go out for some bubble tea and then some Beijing Duck take away. The four of them wandering around the art pier in Kaohsiung. I can’t really stand watching Ting Ting. She has a thick Australian accent and big boxy teeth. She’s cute in an awkward way, the way a pug is cute or the way an urban mural put up by the city stops you in your tracks and makes you wonder who’s idea was this weird looking thing. I shouldn’t be too critical. She is interesting looking and she lives in Kaohsiung. I could meet her if I put in a little effort. Anyway, they go out for beers so I get to discover a craft beer place in Kaohsiung. It looks like a good place to hang out, so I think I will make it a regular stop in my life in Kaohsiung. At the end of the video, Ting Ting’s sister finally starts to talk, she kills me. She sounds just like Ting Ting, same facial expressions, same twangy slang infused verbiage, killer.
I see that Kaohsiung has a light rail now. It was being built last time I was there. Now it is operating. It looks a lot like the one that just started operating here.
I go online and look for hiking trails near Kaohsiung. Monkey mountain is likely the best and easiest to get to from the MRT. Monkey mountain is Kaohsiung’s version of Taipei’s Elephant Mountain, which wasn’t popular at all until the MRT went out past Taipei 101.
From the Friendliest Canadian in Kaohsiung, I learn about google flights. Wes goes to Busan and has a nice time. It is a very picturesque city, painted pastel blues and yellows. I go to the map and see that from Kaohsiung, I can fly to Manila ($122), Ho Chi Minh ($164), or if I’m felling rich, Guilin ($338). Vietnam was really excellent. I might have to pop over for a few weeks.
The secret of growing a good beard is to resist all urges to trim and/or shape it for the first month to six weeks. Mine is coming in nicely again. It was a mistake to shave it off two months ago. I’m going to keep it from now on, or at least until beards become again something out of fashion.

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