Turned in for sexual harassment, AGAIN in Pieces

  • Sept. 11, 2019, 2:56 a.m.
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Well I didn’t see ANY of this coming. Remember the day that I gave Natalie a note and placed it on her car? It was last Friday when she waved at me all happy like and I went over an talked to her. The same day that I asked her via Facebook text what are the chances I could give her a hug. I have a screen shot of it in a previous entry. By doing that I was told that she said that she felt as if I was invading her personal space.



I get to work and I see FLOWERS on HER CAR. Someone else is interested in her. My Facebook friends said to ask her out before she sees them. I tried. I wrote a post it note letter that I was going to give to her that said, “Hey when you have time can you come to back so I can ask you out on a date? Or I could ask you there but I’ll have to tell the customers that I have to borrow their best cashier for a minute.”

As I’m going to hand it in she walks into the back as I’m walking out and we both hit the door.

I felt so bad and I wasn’t even looking when I went to the door.

Needless to say my heart was racing.


I go ask her if I can borrow her hand and I place it on my heart.

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Future me is screaming!

Then I go, “Hey Natalie can I take you out Saturday?” She has plans. “Sunday? Am I supposed to go down the list because I don’t know how this works. It’s really awkward for us guys.” She said that she’ll let me know and to text her.


OH, believe me, it gets BETTER.


I ask her about that hug and if I can cash it in or how does it work? She laughed and said that she can give it to me right and I got a hug.

Oh Jesus. This is why they say the best things in life are the worst. Hugs are the Devil!

We hug and I’m happy. I haven’t had a hug since 2007 that wasn’t a mom hug or a hug from my family.

I was happy. Who wouldn’t be? Right?

Her store manager was a few away and saw me talking to her. She came over and I apologized for taking up her time and guess who saw the whole thing? MY STORE MANAGER! OH LORD IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER!

I get called into the office a few hours later to tell my side of what happened Saturday when I left my truck crew, or what was left of it.

That’s when they hit me with oh and one more thing. Oh shit, what is it now? What did I do? Who did I offend? Who thinks I hate them?


They tell me that Natalie told her district manager that I was invading her space by placing that post it note on her cars window. It can be considered sexual harassment and that I should just stay away before she takes my kindness as something else. Like giving her a hug and he saying I forced myself onto her.

I’m pretty sure I turned white because NOW YOU TELL ME???????




Then my store manager says not to give her flowers and the room started to spin…

There are flowers on her car!! Everyone thought it was me and I was all THAT’S NOT ME! THAT’S SOMEONE ELSE. I’m dead. You could have given me this information when I clocked in not after I committed work suicide!

And like any normal person in that kind of situation, I started to make jokes.

My store manager said that people make mistakes and I go, “WHAT YOU MEAN TO SAY is that I pick them” and her and the other manager laughed. They laughed because it’s true. My store manager said that at least I have a great sense of humor. Yeah! Because this is the second time. The first time I had that crazy Sarah girl sending me pictures of her ass and shit and then saying I asked for nudes.

Do you know how embarrassing that was? I had to send every text message to HR and my store manager.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, right after the hug I sent Natalie a text that said, “Thanks for the hug, it was beautiful.”



Oh and my friend got raped. Yup.

What a fucking wonderful day.

I swear if I’d of stopped talking my depression medication I’d be a mess right now. Instead I’m all OH MY GOD WHAT DID I DO?! Oh hey my cat is on my lap. I’m hungry. Instead of being, well I have to go kill myself now.

She replied back to my thanks for the hug text with, “You are welcome!” and I didn’t even look at it. I just did the preview window so it doesn’t say seen.

Oh and my store manager said that what I said wasn’t what she was told about Saturday. So I guess my so called manager friend threw me under the bush. Or the key holder.

I also think Natalie’s store manager is trying to do the same. She knew about all of this before I did. Or something.

I was looking for those locking sensor tags for the pans and she said to check the front. Guess who was up there? Natalie.

Thanks lady!! Make me look like even more of a creep.

From now on, I will trust no one. I’m way too nice to people and they all stab me. No more, ass hats.

Genuinely nice people are not a part of this world.

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