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I ran into Amber my moms neighbor. She said she wish we got a dog house for Lemon. I looked around for a dog house for my mom while my mom slept when i wake her up mom said it was none of the neighbors damn business. I told mom it is better to maintain peace so mom spends $100 on a doghouse. I put it out for Lemon I gave her food and water. My brother Tom get angry because the neighbors text him asking if Lemon has been fed. He grew upset when neighbors suggested him get dog houses too.I suggest to Tom humor the neighbors because his wife is known to fly off the handle. My mom asked if Amber going care for her dogs this winter when it gets cold. I told mom if the animals are not maintained charges can be pressed for neglect and that wont look good on her work history. I told her put out an automatic waterer take care of her pets quit behaving like a damn child.

My vehicle starting shutting down on the way back to her house i drifted it off the road to cool off with the dog house in the back. She told me sell the piece of shit to her for $100 she will fix it. I told her this is my last running vehicle. The sabaru is totaled, bravada has a cracked headgasket. I am living on a prayer with a bipolar sonoma that shuts off in traffic!

Mom said since i owed her money on the Bravada she going fix the head gasket drive it herself. I told her she has a running truck my brother Tom runs off with so i have to run my bipolar sonoma to run her chores than she gets mad when it shuts off after it gets hot! I told her pick one of the vehicles in her driveway graveyard and get it fixed. If Tom going keep her truck 24/7 fix one of her other rides to have 2. I told her fix the van mom. She says your father will fix it. She turned white when i reminded her dad died in December he can’t fix her van! She mom screamed fuck you. Not thinking i told her call me what you want it doesnt fix your van. She called me an asshole and i told her hi i am the asshole that reasons reality with you. You got to deal with your responsibilites! Mom whined but my husband died.. i told her you can only use that so many months till you got to get off your ass and care for yourself. She was furious.

I told mom take my name off the bravada fix it herself while the van rots in the garage. After i sign it over take my name off all debts paid for the bravada. I will not fight with her anymore. Greed wont destroy me like it does my family. Mom realized i cannot afford to fix it i am done fighting. She told me take it to a mechanic. I told her take it to a damn mechanic herself it’s her car now i am forfeiting my right to the property. Mom realized she has all these extra vehicles she can fix that taking from me wont bring dad back from the dead. She offered to fix the bravada to give me a dependable vehicle because my sonoma is on it’s last leg. I will believe it when i see it.

I told her once all vehicles break down i wont work anymore i will live off of welfare like a percentage of West Virginians. Mom told me quit being dramatic. I told her i do all your dirty work while you nap at least help me keep a running car to do your chores! I save her dog from being took. I take her to grocery store she repays me by taking my car? Lord this family is ungrateful for all i try for them.

I gave up my apartment at mom’s so Tom and Lesa wont end up homeless in return they treat me like shit. They live there at moms apartment/ my old apartment rent free for them to move in their drug dealing friends. Stephanie/ Blade’s girlfriend tried to sell me weed in mom’s driveway. I couldnt believe Stephanie was so bold! I told her no thanks looking at a gram of weed in a bag in the floor board of her car I caught myself wondering how she hasnt been caught yet. She was stoned out of her mind as she stumbled to the apartment.

Stephanie talked about quitting selling drugs to go to school to be a beautician. I told her i think it is a great idea. I told my mom about Stephanie being to high to drive the car up the driveway. Mom said beautician dont make money why cant Stephanie be a nurse. I reminded mom nursing requires a drug test! That why Stephanie works in food service industry! No drug test. She can smoke weed like a freight train without fear of losing her job! Here i am barely getting by yet Tom, Lesa, Stephanie and Blade live off of mom. I dont understand why she allows this but trying to talk to her proves nothing!

I came home with pizza mom bought me which i appreciated. Talan and i got in conversation me offering give Bravada back to stop arguing with mom.. I really hope someday to afford a running vehicle.

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