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  • Sept. 11, 2019, 12:21 a.m.
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A friend posted this on fb

“Men are animals!
Every day men leave their homes with no bag, no water bottle, no lip balm, no hand sanitizer, no extra layer in case they get cold. Just keys and a wallet shoved into their pocket. Chaotic and reckless!”

She got flagged. So I posted it. And it took a little while, but I got flagged. Someone asked on the invisible post what it said so I pasted it into the comments.

It got flagged in the comments.

For what?

Hate speech. They flagged it as hate speech.

I reported someone that was blatantly bullying someone on a thread. They even posted private information including the persons home address. facebook didn’t see a problem with it.

Fucked up, I tell ya. smh

novelistbynite September 11, 2019

Holy cheezits. It's even true! My husband once left the house with twins, his keys, and his wallet. He ended up having to buy diapers and wipes and I think Kitty needed a new outfit, but he didn't bring a bag even though it had that shit in it. That's like Classic Man.

Geralt of Rivia September 11, 2019

um I take a bag with a water bottle, with carmex,with hand sanitizer and when it's cool I take a jacket and my wallet. I my dear am an educated animal lol

Kristi1971 Geralt of Rivia ⋅ September 11, 2019

Gets out the binoculars What IS that creature I spot? Over there.....LOL. My husband is good that way, too. I guess there are a couple of you. :)

Sister September 11, 2019


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