I’m not o-fucking-kay. in My Life

  • Aug. 29, 2019, 7:17 p.m.
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I know I don’t write much, but that’s mostly because I don’t have a computer. Typing on the phone is irritating. Excuse the typos.

Monday, I found out my camera was ‘gotten rid of’. My DSLR, lens, and memory card. All gone.

Tuesday, our apartment was trashed. The roommate was mad at my sister, because, well, he had a crush on her and the feelings weren’t mutual. What set him off, though, is that he saw my sister talking to her child’s father on the parking lot of the apartment. They were only putting her car seat into his car, she he could take the baby to the doctor. There is no romance between the two of them. Like, AT ALL.

Roommate went psychotic. He cut all her clothes, cut up her shoes, cut up the mattress, broke all 3 TVs, the laptop, smashed the living room tables up, poured marinara sauce on the couch, flung the sauce on the walls and ceilings, broke the closet doors, spread trash from the trash can throughout the apartment, poured milk all over the floors, smashed the mirrors, cracked eggs into the bathtub, cut up ultrasound pictures from when my sister was pregnant, put holes in the walls, left a turd in the toilet and put her toothbrush and in-flushable things in the toilet, and probably more stuff that I’m not currently remembering.

I have photos. Message me on FB if you wanna see.

There is so much going on with that, that I don’t even know where else to start. Protective orrders, warrants, violations of protective orders, court, magistrate’s office, rent office, just…so much.

We spent Tuesday night and last night with our parents.

Tonight, we are going to a hotel. Our parents house is going through renovations, so we’re all going to be at the hotel.

Y’all, just please, pray for me. Things are rough right now. My mental health was excellent, before Monday.

girl in recession August 29, 2019

hugs I am so sorry your life was turned upside down by that asshole!!!

The Thirsty Oriental August 30, 2019

Holy shit

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