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  • Aug. 25, 2019, 9:07 a.m.
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I like to change the words in songs I know well. Just little things like changing I to he or she depending on who is singing. It’s juvenile, but it gives me a laugh.

There is not standardization with weed whackers. There are different heads, different lines…the whole thing is really confusing.

A lawyer called me. He didn’t make a lot of sense but I sent him what he wanted after all the preamble of figuring out what he wanted. Lawyers, I’ve decided are terrible businessmen. They must be frightfully boring. They are the accountants of words. They are the actuaries of documents that need to be initialed and filed away so that when you need them again in twenty years you have no idea where they are. Lawyers haven’t joined the modern economy yet. They are holdovers from an ancient time.

It’s not all about money. I think more and more it’s about time.

So I got up and made coffee and then went to the airport. Funny thing is that you just have to break with routine to know how good you got it. I got it good. I pulled up to arrivals and was there less than five minute before the missus arrived. That’s timing. That’s precision. That’s experience.

Her friend was visiting from Lethbridge and we got to compare weather and home prices a little. (Not as humid and pricey if you were wondering.) I wasn’t really sure if they were friends or mother/daughter so I’m glad I asked. “Are you guys related?”

It all comes back around, like a donut.

When I go to Taiwan, I should take only the clothes I never wear and the stuff I never use (headphones) so that my second life can be even more authentic. I shouldn’t visit any of the websites I usually visit or read my favourite authors. I should do my very best to become an actor in a parallel universe.

DeadAir September 03, 2019

Which authors are your favorites?

Sho September 03, 2019

My favourite living authors are Haruki Murakami and Lee Child

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