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  • Aug. 18, 2019, 10:15 a.m.
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So recently, my little brother broke up with his girlfriend. I found out about it while I was in LA because my mother had to share it with me, but the way she shared it with me completely cemented my understanding of my mother and how she views people.

I was initially concerned because I thought Cameron had found out something that had hurt him (I don’t know why I immediately worry about the feelings of those who appear to have complete disregard for the feelings of others, but I guess that’s my toxic trait), but I then found out that it was he who abruptly dumped her just weeks before they were supposed to go to DisneyLand together on a trip they were planning for nearly a year. (Furthermore, Julia, the girlfriend, followed through and bought him a Year Pass to DisneyLand because she promised him… these are about $1400, I am absolutely flabbergasted that she bought him that after he dumped her).

My mother’s way of telling me started normal by telling me they broke up, and then uttering the phrase “so now I won’t have her”. I found that phrase rather perplexing so I pressed her on it, and she meant that she wouldn’t have her to “count on” any longer. You see, in my absence, Julia was taking over some of the duties I fulfilled in being at my mother’s side constantly.

She wasn’t concerned about the emotional turmoil of the break-up, or if she was, she didn’t seem too worried, she was more upset that she’d lost some of the labor she had been counting on for the last several months.

Over the last few weeks, as she found out they were still on speaking terms, she perked up a little and proceeded to ask Julia to continue to do favors for her.... which of course has irked Cameron because he’s trying to get some distance from the girl he decided he didn’t love.

I am not sure I am much better than this, but seeing it from another perspective makes me worry about some of my own behavior. Although, I don’t think I treat people like toys.

KissOfLife! August 19, 2019

This entry has reminded me of a song I listened to this morning - "More hearts than mine" by Ingrid Andress. Just about how it's not just the people who break up who get hurt, but all the connections that go with it.
$1400!? Holy shit. That's like $2600 here with how shitty the US exchange rate is atm :o

TommyGnosis August 20, 2019

yikes. I'm not sure I understand the behaviour that you speak of BUT I think that people can change. A $1400 parting gift? Man!

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