Time is running out in Morning Stream

  • Aug. 13, 2019, 10:28 a.m.
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I divide my months into thirds which puts today in the middle of August. The middle of August will be followed by the end of August. And then September. Summer is slipping away. It took so long to get here and it now it is counting down toward the end.
I’ve been busy, mostly with work, but also with other things, non-people things and I suppose relaxing things. We’ve have visitors, which I’ve mostly ignored. Mostly because they are not my visitors. They are my missus’s. I’ll check in and say, “Hi, I’ve got some work to do.” And then check in again when they are eating something or loading back into their cars.
“Hope you had a nice visit…”

When Amy called it was back in the spring time, I hadn’t talked to her in about a decade. She called out of the blue and we caught up on kids and jobs and then she asked for the missus’s number.
They didn’t talk but texted each other a few words of friendliness.
It was a little weird, the phone call was and I had a premonition that Bruce wasn’t well again. He battled with some kind of cancer or serious ailment more than a decade ago. I remember visiting him in the hospital and thinking how small he had gotten. But then he got better and then they moved away, not that far, but we were busy with our kids and jobs and they were our loudest and craziest friends.
When it comes to friendship, I’m there for you. But you have to reach out.
I asked how Bruce was and he was ‘fine’.
He died this summer.
Amy texted the missus and then they talked on the phone.
We were at Amy’s brother’s wedding in 1992.
We go back. We have connections.

Kelly went to Tijuana for some kind of skin cancer treatment. That was back in the spring time. We saw them after they got back and then we didn’t see him and Nancy for a long time.
They went dark.
They didn’t answer emails and invitations.
Kelly was suppose to go back to Tijuana for a one-week follow up late in July. When they dropped by with some home-grown cucumbers last week, I asked about that. “No, I’m not going back,” he said.
He was looking old and weak.
When he is not at home, they like to go for drives around the town and country. That sounds like something an old person would do.
We will be saying goodbye to Kelly soon too.

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