Shes drunk in Stories of the Mental & Addicted

  • Aug. 11, 2019, 6:57 p.m.
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Te asked me to babysit last might.
she promised to behave and then said she probably wasn’t going to be out too late or that she was going to stay in town her other option was going to Casa Grande.

I was happy to oblige because she has been doing so good and I know that sometimes she needs to get out. So I do this for her and then it gets me and Tyler into this feels stupid thing and now he’s moved out and they still hasn’t come back for Dante.

it is almost 5 and he’s asking for his mom and food so I go out to get some chicken nuggets and then drive by her house while I’m there I see diamonique walking up. I parked the car and go upstairs to go inside the apartment and she’s passed out on the floor and I look at her and I look at diamonique and I’m like what the hell she’s drunk and then diamonique says yes.

Angry so I instigated start pulling at her and I’m like what the hell is going on here and then she starts getting all ugly and saying stupid things obviously still drunk and then of course she cost me a b* says I never congratulated her for being 4 months sober. She’s going on about how no one will babysit for her and she has to date a jailbird because she can’t go on dates because no one will babysit for her. She starts screaming really loud and talking to diamonique and then calling me a b* again and then I’m like okay I’m going I find two days worth of clothes for him and leave.

Diamonique is trying to get her to shut up and I tell her she’s going to get kicked out of her apartment she goes I don’t care I pay rent here and I walked out the door and close the door and I can hear screaming while I’m walking down the stairs.

Unbelievable. my life is just falling apart at the seams.

I’m so tired of these people just hurting me all the time. I guess the only good thing about Tyler leaving as I don’t have to stress out about Dante being here.

And he can be free of all of my stupid ass drama.

Mason just walked into my room and looked around and I told him that I was really tired of Tyler being mean all the time and I asked him to leave.

I should have left Tay alone and now I’m worried that she’s acting stupid at her apartment complex and the police will get called on her.

I’m disgusted by both of them and I really hate them both right now.

SweetMelissa August 11, 2019

I'm sorry. You really deserve some peace of mind.

hippiechica15 August 11, 2019


surferonacid August 12, 2019

You definitely didnt need this shit....hope you're doing ok.

KPink surferonacid ⋅ August 12, 2019

thank you! I just feel for Dante, it so sad for him.

Deleted user August 12, 2019


Symmetry August 12, 2019

God this sucks. I'm sorry about Te.

Happy Girl August 12, 2019

I'm sorry about that. Dante is lucky to have you.

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