Peaks & Valleys in The Stuff That's Not Interesting But Is The Most Interesting Stuff I'll Write

  • Aug. 1, 2019, 4:27 a.m.
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I know it’s been an incredibly long time, and I don’t even know if anyone still looks for my entires anymore because of how infrequent they’ve become.

I just got back from a long-deserved vacation from Los Angeles and it was wonderful; the complete opposite experience of being here in my hometown. While I was there, I got offered two places to live and I’m seriously considering going back there. I think getting away from my family and having an actual legitimate support system would go a long ways in getting me healthy again (the period between this entry and the last has seen peaks & valleys in my health, at one point, my doctor tried to hospitalize me).

At one point, I had three jobs at the same time and there was much drama, but I’m down to one stable job, which is wonderful and completely unexpected, but there I am. It’s not what I want to do for my career, but it’s keeping me steady right now, which isn’t something I’ve experienced in a very, very long time.

I’m just really focusing on my health right now, and that really isn’t interesting to read about, so I’ve been avoiding writing. I want this place to be fun again and not my constant whining about how lonely I am or bitching about the hellacious things my mother puts me through. That’s not fair to you as a reader and frankly, having it all written down means that I can get exasperated all over again and that’s just all bad.

So I’ll be attempting to this place alive, even if it’s just checking in to say HI!

As for people I have bookmarked, my unread bookmarks were at 285, which is the highest I’ve ever had, so I probably won’t be catching up on all of that, and I feel extremely guilty about it, but I can’t possibly do it (the old me would’ve stayed up for days on end trying to play catch-up) so if I ask dumb questions in your entry about who so-and-so is, be patient with me because I’ll have missed quite a bit.

That’s enough about me, how are all of you?!

🌻StillJustMe🌸 August 01, 2019

I took a little break too and have just recently returned. I've missed being here.

Welcome back!

TommyGnosis August 01, 2019

I do keep an eye out for you on here and I would love to read about your health. I'm glad to hear that you have some stability right now.

DefyingRules August 01, 2019

Glad to see you writing again!

KissOfLife! August 02, 2019

I was legit about to post on your Insta-story yesterday, whinging about you not updating in forever haha.

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