The end in Day to Day

  • July 22, 2019, 10:49 p.m.
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We survived the day. Jay took everything much better than we did. I think he was a little relieved. The last couple months haven’t been easy on any of us, it seems.

Thomas and I have both been crying messes. Jay has taken it in stride. He’s leaving tomorrow in the early afternoon. We took him clothes shopping so he’ll be ready when school starts. I wanted to give him that, at least. We got dinner with my mom (more on that later.) We packed everything in his room. I cried some more. He’s not a bad kid, and I hate that we weren’t the family for him. I really hope to see him find the perfect family.

We’re closing our house and not trying again, probably not for a long time. We learned some hard lessons, but if we ever try again, we’ll be better prepared.

My mom is really upset. She blames everything on me, thinks that we’re giving him up because it’s easier. But she doesn’t understand doing what you have to to maintain your mental and emotional health. She has no boundaries and gives and gives and gives until she’s miserable, but she won’t say no.

We know we’re making the right decision, as hard as it is. We had a good afternoon together, after everything was said and done. I think this will be better for everyone. I hope I’m right.


Jigger July 23, 2019

I’m sorry. I’m glad you got through it.

TX Tornado Jigger ⋅ July 23, 2019

Thanks ❤ there's going to be rough days ahead, and we'll always wonder.

Lucretia July 23, 2019

It's so sad, but you've made this decision for the right reasons. Jay knows it too. Be kind to yourself x

Deleted user July 23, 2019


DE_KentuckyGirl July 28, 2019

I've been there and know how hard that is. I'm so sorry for all involved.

TX Tornado DE_KentuckyGirl ⋅ July 28, 2019

Thank you ❤ we are happy we gave it a try and hope to get there again one day.

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