What is your favourite movie, and why? in NoJoMo & Writing Prompts

  • June 28, 2019, 2:46 p.m.
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I would have to say my favorite movie is probably Titanic. I thought Kate Winslet, and especially Leonardo DiCaprio, did a fantastic job. It was not only a glimpse into the past but they also did a great job of showing that love is more important than wealth. I don’t always cry very easily but the ending was a definite tearjerker for sure.

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Deleted user June 29, 2019

I did like “ Titanic”. I would have a very hard time choosing a favorite but I loved the “ Mama Mia “ movies . Also “ The Abyss “, “ Avatar “ and “ Firefly “. There are so many !

Deleted user June 29, 2019

I think the sci- fi movies appeal greatly to me because of the fantasy component .

Marg June 29, 2019

Titanic was a great movie. I'd be hard pushed to pick a favourite but I did love Atonement - watched it again recently.

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