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  • May 27, 2019, 10:37 a.m.
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i have a confession to make.

i’ve been at work today and yesterday, but dono’s sister reached out last minute for us to drive over to her place for a memorial day party. it was too late for me to ask off from work but since dono had the holiday off anyway, yesterday he drove over there and stayed the night.

and. it. was. so nice. to have the place to myself.

like. is it normal to feel so relieved? that i could have the night to get a good workout in, and not feel like i ‘had’ to follow the same schedule dono is used to and likes (where we cuddle on the couch watching tv)? or that i could do anything i wanted, without someone constantly buzzing around me asking what i’m doing and.. i hesitate to use this word, but… criticizing me if i didn’t do it how he thought it should be done?

(that’s kind of a problem.. he’s not mean about it, he just genuinely can only consider one way to do things sometimes, and if he sees me doing it another way he’ll point it out. it puts me on edge and sometimes i feel like i can’t relax in my own house)

like. i know people need time apart. maybe that’s normal. but like. it was REALLY nice and i did not miss him at all....

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