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  • May 20, 2019, 4:26 p.m.
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I’d like to set fire to the tent city in Victoria Park. They say they are homeless but I say they are just camping for free.

When I meet a lady and I want to talk with her, I ask her her name. When she tells me, I always say, “that was my father’s name”.
It’s a great conversation starter.

Quit rubbin my nubbin!

A lot of what I do can be classified under ‘pattern interrupt’.

I’m on the front porch and it’s a quiet morning except for the garage trucks that go farting by. There used to be oil delivery trucks when I was a kid.
We don’t notice things that are no longer there.

I watched the third season of Fargo is on Netflix. Quirky. Violent. There was a deeper meaning hidden beyond what I could understand. I’m not that deep, not that well read. I don’t know what to look for. I don’t see the hidden meanings. I just enjoy the story. Turn off my brain and enjoy.

Timing is everything.

Can you imagine watching a parade on TV?
Why do they even broadcast it?

The weather is beautiful, record breaking. I had to get my shorts out of the drawer. I thought they had seen the last of me and me of them but no, an Indian Summer.
Can you still say that or is it racist?

I’ve been playing JJ Cale all week. I wonder what Spotify is going to think? Probably start serving me up a lot of early 70s light country rock, or whatever this is.

If I say I like Japanese cars is that racist?

I was trying to arrange my youngest daughter picking up my mom at the airport. It would have been better if I just had of given each other their infos. But one had a phone and likes to text and the other had an ipad and liked to email. Of course the texter did not tell me that she was late and the emailer had a 20 minute response time to emails.
It was like a math question with one train leaving Chicago and the other leaving New York.

The dog needs a haircut. When she drinks water she dribbles all over the kitchen floor. She has started working on the belly again, licking and biting herself. She’ll get a rash.

Sometimes life isn’t like porno movies, actually almost all the time.


I am rabbit.

Everything is connected.

Saturday is facebook day. I only go to facebook once a week now and only because I mostly have to as this is still where Bucky’s Cowboys and Clowns communicate with each other informally.
Saturday is that dedicated day.
I end up late in the day on old Andy’s facebook page. He’s an idiot. The problem with Andy is that it is all about Andy all the time, but that’s what facebook is all about, isn’t it?
He needs to be liked and accepted. He needs to have attention. Facebook is our version of our idealized selves. Here I am. Look how cool I am. Like me.
So now he has a big fluffy beard and wears really fashionable pink patterned shirts. In one video he is riding a scooter! In another video he is standing in a parking lot, talking stream of consciousness babble.
I can’t make any sense of it. I can’t see the point.
Why are you going to the trouble of recording and uploading this?
He’s fat again. When I met him he was fat and then he went on a doctor directed diet and got thin. He was thin really thin, too thin for about three years, and then suddenly he’s fat again.
I like him better fat, especially with the big fluffy beard.
Like me, he’s a rodeo clown. He was a website designer before this. But unlike me, and I don’t like to disparage or boast, but he’s an idiot.
He has a low IQ.
As an aside, if only 20 to 30 people looked at my youtube videos, I would stop doing youtube videos.

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