TM30DND16FB – Part 3 in 1% better

  • May 15, 2019, 10:34 a.m.
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Day 11
I was inspired at the meeting yesterday morning to come back and after a short nap fiddle around with the chat widget on my websites. With more than 500 visitors a day, I should be better able to better connect with potential better customers. So besides the welcome message, I added a two minute message (and I’m working on some others) and I’m going to monitor the visitors and reach out with a question. I’ve got nothing to loose by trying out some stock pick-up lines.
I had a beer.
One beer a night is the new norm. I can deal with that. I suppose it is like those ex-smokers who can have one butt in the morning.
The missus wants to buy a camper van, a little innocuous one that will blend in with urban traffic. We are going to look at one later in the afternoon. She’s funny. She gets a thought in her head and that’s it, like a dog with a bone.
Today’s insight: Everything is connected, but a simple cause and effect A—>B relationship isn’t always the case.

Day 12
I had one beer after 10pm with a little bowl of mixed nuts and 80 pages of a Lawrence Block book.
It was a after a busy day with clients who are looking and shopping but not buying. I also took a trip to a van conversion factory to see how sausages are made.
With clients, they go through three phases:
1 Looking
2 Shopping
3 Buying.
In that order. No one is currently buying and that’s a little frustrating. Last year was the opposite — no one was looking but everyone was buying.
Anywho, the one beer a day thing is working out just fine. I’ve got the over-drinking under control.
Today’s insight: We are all going through life learning most of the same stuff, having many of the same experiences. It’s weird thats there isn’t a guidebook.

May 13
Bit of a random road trip. A look at a van conversion (RV). A late sushi lunch, early dinner. Late in the day I had a beer and then a little later on, another.
I forewent Netflix and read my 70 pages, and then a few more, getting ahead of the day’s quota. I’m reading a book every five days (with two days extra buffer for when things come up — I guess that means I’m reading a book a week).
The RV sales guy was really terrible. I’m hard on sales people because I do it so much better. Not bragging. I’ve been trained. I communicate. Most sales people have product knowledge but no sales training at all. Maybe they read a book once, but most sales people do not understand the psychology of sales.
Today’s insight. Life is full of choice. At some point it will be better to choose than to keep all of your options open.

Day 14
I came very close to popping out for a bottle of whiskey. I had a cold beer after work and then another and I suppose that is where my mistake was. One beer leads to another, and it was early in the day. I thought and thought about going. The LCBO is a five minute walk away and it would be closing in 25 minutes, then 20, then 15. But I sat and sat and then it would be closed, crisis avoided.
I had it all justified too. “Oh, it’s a cheat day. Everyone needs a cheat day…” that sort of thing.
Instead, I had a little nap and when I woke up, the feeling was gone. I had never thought of it before, but alcohol is the fuel that keeps you going when you’re tired. It’s the wake up juice, the stimulant.
Today’s insight. A little nap is a substitute for a beer.

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