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Everything you’d want to know about OctoPhoMo!

Who runs this event?

My name is Cat Mommy. Sometimes there might be a guest host if the need arises but they’ll introduce themselves when/if they do entries. So far I’ve done it on my own since 2013.

What does OctoPhoMo mean?

October (Octo) Photography (Pho) Month (Mo).

What is OctoPhoMo?

A month long photo prompt event. A list of daily prompts gets posted before the event begins so you can plan out your month. There are two prompts for each day of the month. You post your picture(s) every day to your box so I can go through the bookmarks and view everyone’s pictures for the day. I then choose some favorites, and post them here.

Are there any standards you use when you pick photos for the daily post?

There is no standard beyond what I like or find interesting.

Do all photos from the participants get posted?

It honestly depends on how many photos are submitted. If there 30 or below then probably but anything higher than that no. I’ll do my best to be fair and make sure everyone makes it into a daily entry at some point though. No photos here are considered bad.

Do I have to do both prompts?

You may choose one or both prompts for the specific day OR you may do your own thing and post any photo you’d like (as long as they adhere to the guidelines in the next question).

Can I post a digital graphic I made or photos taken by others?

You are free to post whatever you want BUT the only photos that will be considered and posted into the daily entry are those that YOU have taken or photos that you’re in.

Can I edit my photos as long as they adhere to the guidelines above?

You certainly can, go crazy.

Can I only post one or two photos a day?

There are no limits on the amount of pictures that you post each day.

When is the cut-off time for getting my photos into the daily entry?

Photos should be posted by 6pm EST the following day to be considered for the daily entry. After 9am EST I’ll go through the entries, select and post the ones I like best.

What happens if I post my photos AFTER 6pm EST?

Your photos will then be considered for the “Late & Non-Prompt” category the following day.

Do the photos need to be taken in October?

Your pictures do NOT have to be from this month or even this year. Keep in mind that the idea of this event is to get out and be active in photography. However, I realize that sometimes you can’t fit it in to your schedule or you have older photos that work best for a particular prompt.

What happens if I miss a few days or even more?

You DO NOT have to participate every day (although I love it when you do!) and if you miss days you can either start from where you left off (as you read above photos will still be considered even when late) or you can just start from whichever prompt the group is on.

What if I don’t want my pictures shared on the main box?

If it’s only a few photos during the month then please indicate you would prefer I not share those specific ones. If you don’t want ANY of your photos shared let me know and if you want to be on the participant list or not. You are welcome to participate no matter what!

Where can I find the prompts?

I will post the prompt list one week before the event begins.

2018 List
2017 List
2016 List
2015 List
2014 List
2013 List
2012 List

Can I post old family photos?

As a family member you are a copyright holder and so you are free to use any photos like that. I’ve posted quite a few photos from when my grandmother was a little girl on the farm and of when my mother was little as well. That is perfectly acceptable.

Do you only look through entries with OctoPhoMo in the title?

Putting OctoPhoMo or OPM in the title is NOT mandatory. I look through all entries whether they’re marked or not because I know when I wasn’t hosting I wouldn’t always mark my entries and I figure there’s at least a few folks out there who are similar.

When does the event start?

October 01 every year but sign up will be open mid-September every year unless otherwise announced. I will keep you informed only if I plan not to do an event. If no update has been made then you can assume the event will take place. Unless I’m dead. LOL!

Do my photos get deleted from your account when the event is done?

No. What I share is here to stay unless Imgur wants me to pay like Photobucket did, that’s the only reason previous years of OctoPhoMo were deleted. You can still participate! As I said above, you’re welcome to let me know you are using the prompts but don’t want your photos shared. I’m not hoarding them, I’m just not willing to post stuff I plan on deleting in a month.

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