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  • May 8, 2019, 8:04 p.m.
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I’m so sick of social media.

People constantly complaining. People saying one thing on Facebook and a whole different thing to your face. People constantly checking their phones or chatting or scrolling through Facebook. Facebook groups. Oh My God. The Facebook groups. F#$% the Facebook groups!

Guys. I deactivated my Facebook. Then, I kid you not, I opened my Facebook app on THREE separate occasions within 30 minutes, knowing damn well I deactivated it. Then I deleted the app off my phone. Then, within the next 20 minutes I mindlessly was scrolling through my phone looking for it.

Just no.

Last updated May 08, 2019

kDawnf May 08, 2019 (edited May 08, 2019)


It gets easier to live without after about a week. When I left Facebook, I deactivated it first, but you can delete it completely. If you do that, make sure to save any videos or photos beforehand. Also, it takes 30 days for Facebook to fully delete your account now, sometimes longer.. Dont feel discouraged about that. After a while, it'll be like you dont even think about it.

i havent had an account for a few months now, and I dont even think about it. You'll see a difference in your life. You'll become awake and notice whats going on around you. Dont be discouraged because you will feel like youre missing out or lonely sometimes, but thats why you get phone numbers and addresses of friends or family for other ways to contact them. It's really not too difficult to live without social media. Welcome to freedom! :)

Pinki kDawnf ⋅ May 09, 2019

Thanks for the support!! I may fully delete my Facebook profile. The only issue is that I get so much information from the various activities I'm in. That's how they give out information and meeting times, activities, events, reminders, etc. We are finished for the summer though, so maybe a summer without social media......

kDawnf May 08, 2019

Oh and also, you'll notice a lot of that drama you see on social media disappear! It's quite peaceful.

colder May 08, 2019

I totally agree... FB was cool once, but now it's just a hinderance...

Whiskie May 08, 2019

You addict you...when I deactivated my FB, people started asking why I defriended them. Lol.

Pinki Whiskie ⋅ May 09, 2019

I'm sure that will happen! I have asked my friends the same thing lol

DevilishlyInnocent May 09, 2019


Kristi1971 May 09, 2019

I started to mute the complainers and anyone who does not bring joy to my day. I made Facebook what I want it to be for me. I still use it for connecting with family and friends who don't live near me plus I am in a few groups (but uplifting and positive groups only). I've just customized the thing for me. Hugs.

Pinki Kristi1971 ⋅ May 09, 2019

I did this for the most part but it would sneak in unexpectedly. I don't vaccinate and I don't usually talk about that or care what anyone else does or doesn't do... but a large percentage of my Facebook friends are anti-anti-vax crusaders and the stuff they post is vile and hateful. From teachers, Sunday School teachers, and good friends. The Sunday School teacher posted that all unvaccinated children should be forcefully removed from their parents and vaccinated immediately. That scared the hell out of me because, hello, assault and kidnapping. And my kids were under her care weekly. I recently had a falling out with someone really close to me because he posts things on Facebook that totally contradict what he tells me to my face. Politics... it goes on and on from a majority of my Facebook, even those close to me will post hateful and judgmental things that surprise me. My cousins girlfriend attacked my best friend on Facebook on one of my really simply easy going status updates that was about my kids and they got into a crazy fight on my page calling each other names, etc. I was like... what the heck is going on.

When I'm not on Facebook, I don't give a thought to my kids vaccine status or that of the rest of the world... or politics... or mean ass people. Sometimes I don't want to know every thought and mental tirade of every person that I even remotely know that has connected with me on Facebook. Like I missed the days when I only knew my hairdresser for an hour every 6 weeks. lol. Or when my kids teachers were just their teachers and I didn't know who they voted for and that their husband is a drunk. I dunno... my thoughts for the night lol. Sorry I think I wrote an entry in response to you!! :D

Kristi1971 Pinki ⋅ May 10, 2019

Holy crap! I do know what you mean, though. I am on this FB every single day for my work, so I cannot escape it. I had that same thought the other day - about how we don't want to know about every single thought about all our friends. I've had to mute a few people that posted things that I considered vile and hateful....and were disturbed that they were family members. They are family members that I am not committed to seeing ever again (they don't live near me and don't ever come to visit me either), so I won't "miss" them or anything, you know?

Yes, social media can be so ugly. I get it.

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