And so it goes in Life

  • May 15, 2019, 11:22 a.m.
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Once the finger is covered with juices, I bring it up to my clit and begin to rub it nice and slow.... And then there was an extra panel wall sticking out of the regular wall in the living room with about 20 holes the size of big baseballs. Id been out of the musical mainstream for more than ten years when we recorded RTW, and it was good to have someone non-judgmental with a huge reservoir of knowledge to draw from - someone whose influences were uncannily similar to mine.

When I was finished, I wrote the Bitch a letter of resignation, told her how much of a stupid tool she was for Managament, and spilled that I knew the company was quickly going under and that I would laugh uproariously when it finally folded. I was proud of the selection that was available, as it was mainly comprised of the smaller-press versions of the mainstream magazine. I am always delighted by the relative informality of female observances. My own experience has been that if you’re blessed enough to have female friends, you’re pretty much guaranteed the chance to eat your weight in fresh and/or smoked salmon any time they include you in a family celebration. I am old enough to vote. Now enough about stuff I like.

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