Weekend adventures. in Spring 2019

  • April 15, 2019, 1:14 p.m.
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Got grocery shopping done.. Ate a couple waffles and a berry smoothie for breakfast. I feel like I’m already hungry, probably just need water. I’m getting my meds and blood drawn right now. The doctors keep calling and sending me messages to get blood drawn because I’m on an anticoagulant and they want to test my kidneys or liver to make sure its digesting just fine. That my meds arent damaging my organs. Theyve wanted me to do this for a while but I never got to doing it, so now I will.

After this, I need to pick up dog food from the store and then hopefully I can get some back yard work done. Ive gotta mow this weekend. The grass is pretty tall and thick and its producing sticky seeds that get on the dogs… And theres foxtails that need removing before it gets too hot and they become stickers. There’s a lot of work needed, but once its done, the backyard will look great! It may take a couple weeks because the green trash can only goes out twice a month.

A bit Later:
Im gonna do the backyard tomorrow.

I’m gonna make an ice cream cake for my bfs birthday.. Its devils food cake with monster cookie ice cream from Tillamook. I’m hoping it’ll be a good match and this cake comes out well. Ive made one before. It came out alright, but it was massive. This time I’m not going to use two types of ice cream. I’m gonna use one small block I slice off from a circular pint of ice cream… I’m gonna have to upload pictures on my instagram(@kdawnf) when I’m done to explain it fully. I hope it makes sense. Anyway, I’m just waiting for the cake to get done, then I gotta let it cool and let the ice cream warm up a bit to slice and cover up with cake. Then I do frosting and decorate it. Its not going to be as huge as the last one. I’m just making it a single layer this time.

Its a bit tough to get everything together. I have to refreeze it because the ice cream is melting in the middle, while I was putting the frosting on. I’m gonna try to fix up the holes left in the sides when its frozen because the frosting wasnt sticking to the cake. Maybe if its more solid, it could stick better. Then I somehow have to move the cake into its container without dropping it or destroying it, so it can be ready for Thursday.

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