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  • April 14, 2019, 2:42 p.m.
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Today has been kind of a lazy day. A storm is coming through and it is a beautiful cool breeze and wonderful sound of wind gushing. My son came back from camp. I’ve been working here and there. Went to the store for dinner things. I’m making shredded cilantro and lime chicken nachos.

I printed out a checklist for my fitness goals yesterday and it has been helpful so far. The trouble is sticking with it. I have to eat much smaller meals than I used to because I’m having quite a bit of trouble with heart burn with intermittent fasting. They say it will calm down. I hope so.

While I’m working, I’m doing the last bit of Disney planning that I have to do. I hate this part. It’s the least fun part of going to Disney. My husband couldn’t understand how bad it could really be until I had him help me. We had maps laid out all over the place, we were looking up charts of the sunrise and sunset, previous weather trends, tides, ride closures, etc.

Tonight I still have two 15 minute walks to go on, 30 minutes at the gym, and some laundry and dishes to do. Maybe my husband, too.

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