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  • April 12, 2019, 3:40 p.m.
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I had MOPS today. It’s always so hard to get up and get me and the baby ready, make a dish, and drag everything to the church… but I always enjoy it. Today I ate a plate of food, chatted with friends, and our craft was painting a cute little bunny on a canvas. I did a few things differently from the instructor. She painted her tulips in the background then did a weird black bunny silhouette which seemed like you spilled black ink on your nice spring picture. I went with a grey bunny and as she walked around the room I heard her say into her microphone “now remember we are painting a bunny silhouette with black paint” as she walked behind me. Yeah, okay lady. A while later she came by my table and looked at everyone’s pictures and says “I’m rethinking painting my bunny black now.” Ya think?

I’m not a total newb at painting. I paint minis so I kind of know what colors go together to get what effect. I have my own style and do my own thing though. I don’t do well with the instructors that are like… do it my way and only my way.

I just started working on this crazy cat lady set for Malifaux and I love it so far.

My husband went to a hiring fair for the school system today. It seems like it could be promising, maybe. I hope so. Lawd, I want him to get a job.

I have to work 8 hours today and 8 tomorrow and 8 Sunday. I fell behind… now I have to catch up.

I got a letter saying how much our tax refund was changed to… so we are officially going to Disney from July 6-21!! I can’t WAIT. I got top tier everything. Deluxe hotel. Deluxe food plan. All the best restaurants. Now I just have to plan out my fast passes and daily itinerary. I can start booking fast passes on May 8!

DefyingRules April 12, 2019

Very exciting! I think you leave on the day our cruise starts. We are staying at Bay Lake for the 3 days before 😊 I’m glad you’re getting your Disney joy! Can’t wait to hear your plans!

Pinki DefyingRules ⋅ April 12, 2019

Oooh nice! I want to stay at Bay Lake sometime... definitely on the Bucket List. We have Animal Kingdom Lodge booked 7-12. Then we switch offsite to a condo so we can spread out and relax and hit the beach for a few days. All in all we do 10 days of park hopper Disney, 4 days of beach and 2 travel days.

DefyingRules Pinki ⋅ April 12, 2019

Sounds glorious! I’ve never stayed at animal kingdom lodge-or bay lake for that matter! Only reason I can do it this time is my dad is paying. But the upside is he’s paying for our 3 day park hopper that I plan to upgrade to an annual pass and do lots of Disney time this year 😊 I am jealous of your deluxe dining! I need to do that at some point and eat at all fun and out of my usual budget places!

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