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  • April 6, 2019, 11:03 a.m.
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On my big fat backside.

Last night I started randomly craving a burger like CRAZZZZYYYYY. Like I wanted a HUGE FAT JUICY GREASY BURGER and would have possibly sold some organs on the black market for one. But I had already eaten my calories/macros for the day and it was in perfect balance. But man, I couldn’t get my mind off of it. So I was like… whatever, I’m just going to go get one. I’ve been super low carb, low calorie, and losing 2 lbs a day. If my body/mind wants a burger this bad, then I’m going to go get a burger. I drove to Culver’s at 9pm and got a Wisconsin Double melt, fries and ranch to dip them in. This morning I was 0.2 lb heavier which I’m sure is from all the salt. I bet I’ll see another loss tomorrow.

Work is going smooth today. I got lucky. Thank God!

My mother-in-law is on her way here. She’s flying in. She is currently on her layover. I hope she gets here in time for my son’s honors choir performance. He’s been at the school all day on a Saturday. I’m glad he enjoys these special activities. Only about 7 kids from his school was selected to perform.

I get so much flack from other T1D moms about not doing enough for my kid. Like I make sure he’s healthy and goes to the dr and in good control but I mean like.... They do EVERYTHING for their kid from meal planning, checking their blood 5-8 times a day, giving all their shots, bolusing with the pump, going to get their low treatments (juice, candy etc). I do none of this for my child to be honest. I change his pump… and require him to text me his BS when he’s away without a school nurse (like today), when he SWAGs (scientific wild ass guess) for carb counts - that means he looks at his food and guesses how many carbs bc it doesn’t have a label, and I want to know his sugar before bed. Some of these moms still get up and check their kids blood sugar at 2 and 4 am ever night. No thanks. Totally unnecessary for us.

I’m glad he’s independent because now he can go to the school for 8 hours without a parent or nurse and I know he’s got it. They did make me feel guilty on the mom group. They said he would have burnout sooner than other kids. I felt bad and asked my kid if he wants me to do more for him. He’s like “No… why?” I told him I could check his blood, etc. He’s like… ummm. No. He does want me to tuck him in every night though :)

Today for lunch I had a can of chicken with crack seasoning and hot sauce… and a salad… shredded lettuce, spicy pico de gallo, and an ounce of queso fresco. I have no idea what we are doing for dinner tonight as my MIL sometimes takes us out to eat. I did ask my husband to find out from her if I should make something.

Who knows. I’m not going to stress about it. If nothing else I will order Little Ceasars or go get a rotisserie chicken and some sides… or some BBQ. Whatev!

Kristi1971 April 06, 2019

You know your son...they do not. If he is doing well and keeping bs in control without you all over him about it, then that's awesome on your part! Go Mom! I mean, I'd rather my children be independently taking care of their needs, right?

Pinki Kristi1971 ⋅ April 06, 2019

Thank you for your note!! :)

Yeah, I guess that's the goal of raising kids... them growing up to take care of themselves! I really feel like my kiddo will do just fine.

DevilishlyInnocent April 06, 2019

That is reason 198374682904737 to stay the hell away from Nazi fake moms. Those are the moms who do all that extra shit to get attention and props. Fuck that.

lessoff April 09, 2019

how old is cage again? I would think at some point of his life he would need to take over care for himself. I mean you are there if he needs you.

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