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  • April 5, 2019, 9:16 a.m.
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I got a bad review at work last month. It was my first one in ages. AGES. It sounds stupid, but it has zapped my energy to work there. I just can’t get motivated. I need/want the money though. Going to power through 8 hours today.

I have been losing lots of weight. It’s exciting and I feel pretty good. Planning meals feels so much easier than before. Since I’m doing intermittent fasting, I only have to make one small meal a day. Sometimes I have to make a separate meal for the kids which stinks but oh well. The scale going down is worth it.

For the first time I am actually convinced that I can make my diet bet and win my cashola and go on vacation.

Random Thought: Reed didn’t accept money for taking care of my pets while I was in Chicago, but he did take a board game from my collection with promises to come over and teach us to play. I haven’t seen my board game. He better give it back as it was a Christmas present from my kids.

Today I think I’m going to have a Jimmy Johns Unwich for lunch and crab, salad and possible sweet potato for dinner. I’m obsessed with taking shredded lettuce and putting about half a cup of spicy pico on it. That’s what I mean by “salad.” The Mexican restaurant near my mom’s house serves this with tostadas, enchiladas, etc. It is so good and refreshing. I’ve been eating it with dinners.

Not sure what the kids will want. If worse comes to worse, there’s frozen pizza in the freezer.

The weather helps too. It’s gorgeous! I feel summer coming! I hope I’m able to fit comfortably in a swim suit because we go to the pool every day.

lessoff April 05, 2019

what is an unwich? I'm sure I could look it up. we just got a jimmy johns near us (actually around here a jimmy johns is a hot dog place that has a train for the kids to look at, but that is just a mom and pop place).

Pinki lessoff ⋅ April 05, 2019

It's just one of their sandwiches in a lettuce wrap! They are under 10g carbs and most are well under 500 calories. And they are GOOOOOD! I had my first one last night and honestly didn't miss the bread at all. I did have to look up a video on how to eat them lol. The trick is to not unwrap the sandwich.. eat it kind of like a burrito.

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