Adjourned again... nothing but clowns in Foster Care Life

  • March 25, 2019, 10:36 p.m.
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Im honestly just spent......

Still hearing nothing..I call the child services office asking to be updated on the court outcome. I get told Sunny’s c.s officer isn’t available.

After she hangs up this officer that was apparently away from desk emails myself and support worker. He lets me know that court has been adjourned yet again until the end of May.

THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS. NONE for Sunny....and I think I would be right to assume that they will keep adjourning…perhaps until even into next year..or how long it takes until aunty’s foster carer can take him.

I felt it that I couldn’t really trust support worker when she told me he isn’t being moved..and that I will be long term guardian… IF HES NOT BEING MOVED WHY IS COURT BEING ADJOURNED OVER AND OVER.

Im plain tired..and pissed off. They want me to do all the work…and yet won’t give me the title…which the title doesn’t really matter or affect my willingness to care for Sunny....but until I get the title on paperwork.. he will stay stuck in the “reunification” team instead of progressing to the long term order team.

Once again I don’t really know much about court, but wondering if have asked the court to just keep adjourning for as long as it takes until teenage aunty’s foster carer can take him. IF FAMILY CONTACT HAS BEEN STOPPED...... WHAT IS THE POINT OF ADJOURNING YET AGAIN?!

Im continually stuck in limbo.... I can’t plan for the future…I can’t plan for Sunny’s future....any time I try and get Sunny into a commitment like a sport that he desperately wants to play i get the threat held over my head of “if aunty wants to see him again he can’t attend!”.

If me and Sunny weren’t as close as we are, and had such a strong bond and I didn’t love him as much as I do (i have heard some children understandably just don’t like their carers or maybe visa versa..its not always a good match)....I would have told my support worker then and there in the japanese dollar shop yes move him to a new carer! bye! but I can’t do that to my boy.

Once again how many more times does birth mom have to fail a drug many more times does aunty and her foster carer have to fail at adding anything positive to Sunny’s life before court is allowed to make a decision. Its not like the judge is bombarded with options on who Sunny can stay with. Is there some fake promises being made here in desperate attempt to clutch at straws… “I’ll get clean next week! i’ll start treatment! i won’t be homeless next month i swear!” but how long has this gone on for though?

And no I am not judging anyone who is homeless or has substance abuse issues.... I also do some work for the homeless too....but come on this is a young child he’s not just a file on the computer or a chess piece.

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