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  • March 25, 2019, 7:45 p.m.
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Saturday and Sunday, the kids were with their dad this weekend, so Saturday morning, Ty and I got up, did some things around the house and went on a hike.

I picked a short trail in Saguaro National East (under 2 miles), but when we got there we saw a trail to a place called Hope Camp, so we decided to go there instead. That was a 2.8 mile hike there!

It was pretty easy, except for some uphill walking. I almost prefer the climbing to just flat incline for some reason. I think part of it may be due to Tyler’s stride. His 1 step equals my 3 steps, so he walks a lot faster than I do. But when we are climbing, it sort of balances out.

Anyhow, I’d fall behind, he’d stop to wait, and then pick up when I reached him. So I had hardly any breaks, while he had plenty. lol

It was hot, but not too bad.

and when we reached the “camp,” we didnt know we were there because it is just an old windmill:

So we actually went further, until we realized that WAS Hope Camp.

I was hoping it would be the spot for me and the boys to do our backpacking trip, but it wont work out. I’m not sure if we can actually camp there.

Afterward, we went to El Molinito, our spot and grubbed. I brought left overs for lunch today. :)

My feet were beat after the hike!! they were already hurting and sore for some odd reason last week and this made it worse. Not sure why.

but I managed.

I’m definitely investing in hiking/trekking poles. If anyone has recommendations, let me know! :) Some of them are pricey!

Happy Girl March 26, 2019

All I could think of while looking at those pictures was, "There must be snakes and spiders everywhere'. - Irrational I know.

KPink Happy Girl ⋅ March 26, 2019

Not irrational at all lol there ARE snakes and spiders everywhere. We saw a Gila Monster this day. I'll have to post pics too.

TrippyNina March 29, 2019

I love going on a good hike. John isn't a big hiker so I usually end up going alone. I'll bring my kids but it ends up taking a lot longer when they are with me. LOL

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