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  • March 23, 2019, 8:17 a.m.
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My diet may be working. Or it’s just that “beginning of new diet shock to the system” temporary weight loss thing. I’m going to reserve being tooooo happy until I lose like a dozen more pounds with this method. Then I will be over the fucking moon. What did I do different? Went back to my normal diet of the previous five years with lapband, only more veggie and fruit heavy! Yeah, duh, right!? But again, I’m not going to get too excited. I am however the lowest I’ve been since November. Thank you for enduring my painfully boring and frustrating fat whining.

Some girl just posted on one of my weight loss forums that she stood in the mirror naked and found out most of her fat is lipedema fat and not able to be lost. I feel like the entire post just sounded like she was making an excuse to give up. I’ve been in the weight loss game for a loooong time and had some success and some not so success, and I’ve never heard anything about being totally unable to lose weight based on what you see when you stand naked in the mirror. I think she needs to consult a doctor. If what she says is actually a thing, then I have this new set of panic.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I had this great idea to go off all 3 of my medications because I found out they all have the side effect of weight gain. Two days later, I was convinced I was about to die. I almost called an ambulance. Then I took my meds, took a nap, and woke up like… wow, it’s a whole new world. I’m never doing that shit again.

I have to work 12 hours a day for the next 4 days. I am so dreading it. And I don’t get to spread it out and cherry pick my tasks to make my day easier. I just have to handle whatever slop they throw at me so I can get it done. I had a busy week this week which set me back, making me have to work a full day today. Then next week is spring break and we are heading up to Chicago to see my family Wednesday-Sunday. We are also going to AdeptiCon which is going to be fun. I get to leave my kids and go be nerdy for a while.

I’m going to try my best to stick to my diet while I’m there. I usually have a list of places and things I want to eat when I go up there. Chicago has amazing food and I grew up there so most of it is comforting to me. If I continue to fast during the day and eat a 1000 calorie dinner I can still go out to eat and have my absolute favorites. My mom doesn’t cook much anymore so that helps eliminate the temptation of gravy and biscuits, fried chicken, etc. The only time ever that you’ll hear me say the fact that my mom doesn’t cook much anymore is even remotely a good thing :(

Then we come back and my husband has student teaching for a week. Then my mother-in-law gets into town. Woo woo woo! I’m so excited to have some fun coming up to break up the humdrum. That weekend my son will be spending most of his time at the high school for international honors choir practice. His show is Saturday.

I can’t believe it’s almost 8 and my kids are still in their rooms. My husband is fishing. I’m all alone. It’s… peaceful.

Hey, about work. They sent out an email a couple days ago about a policy change. We normally have a production requirement of 15 hours a week. Well, now.. every quarter you get 2 weeks to not meet the minimum. Everyone I work with are like… tin-foil-hatters so any change is inevitable demise to them. But I’m super excited about this. I always work my max hours because it is my main gig but now I don’t have to request time off for my 2 week trip to Disney. I don’t even need to think about. And when my husband goes back to work, we will have more time to vacation because he’s off in the summer and I will have 2 weeks off in June and 2 weeks off in July. We are planning on going on a trip to national parks in a couple years and want to also tour up the east coast next year.

Middle child is up so I’m going to go make breakfast soon and talk her into going for a walk with me at 9. Have a good day!

Kristi1971 March 23, 2019

I just read the first paragraph! Congratulations!! So proud of you. I do Weight Watchers when I need to lose and it's very fruit and veggie conscious. They also focus on cutting out the processed carbs. Natural sugar fruit carbs are ok. So it sounds like your lap band diet is similar to how WW has become. Maybe. I don't know for sure. I will say I lose easily with WW. Lose every week. It's just a matter of being honest with yourself and sticking to it.

Tempestuous1 March 26, 2019


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