Go screw yourself you jumped up moron! in Mommy Confesses

  • March 14, 2019, 3:22 p.m.
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Started getting to know someone lately, thought she’d make a decent friend but I’ve mentally struck her off that list!

She is a stay at home wife. Her husband works away and she has the house to herself all week and socializes a lot.

We were talking on Whatsapp and discussing exercise. I said I don’t have time. Between managing a year old baby and studying for my distance-learning degree, I don’t have extra time to devote to the gym.

She then sent me a voice note saying “oh my god you just told me you don’t have time..anyone who says that they don’t have time doesn’t know anything about time management! Everyone has time for exercise. maybe you just need to adjust a few things in your life”

Seriously?! Who lectures a busy mum like that?? I have some spare time for sure but I am either taking that minimal spare time (usually 2 minutes here and there) to either cry, stare into space to recollect myself or hit the books so I can get this degree I’m chasing.

What a c**T.

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