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  • March 14, 2019, 4:56 p.m.
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I’m probably going to vent about things that NO ONE is surprised about but my work/boss.

I found some stuff out today that I didn’t know and I was really shocked about. Well. Shocked in a “Huh. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about this but SERIOUSLY?” type way.

See. I told him, begged and literally CRIED to him/boss lady a month ago that I needed over $1,000 to pay a bill. OVER a 1,000. He paid me $1,900. Which is great.... it let me pay another bill but most of that money did go towards one bill. I’ve been saving the extra money because I figured I wouldn’t be paid again any time soon and I’m right. I haven’t been. It’s been a month. Now the money is down (food, gas, misc, etc) and I have about $27 left in my account. I figured it would be okay though because we’re actually starting a job! Finally! Weather is nice enough. I spoke with the customer and he told me he already gave the owner half down (which was only about $3,000). My boss never told me about it and spent it. Most of it on the customer’s material so that’s fine. I figured once we were done with the job I’d get some money from the balance the customer owes us.

Boss lady came in today (his wife) and was venting about it him.

She said the other day they were out and he said he had to stop at the back to make their house payment. She asked how he got the money and he said he’d just been saving some from repairs they’ve been working on. Then about a week later they’re out again and he says he has to go to the bank and make a deposit for their house payment and she questioned it saying he just did. He was caught in a lie.

He wasn’t making a second house payment. He was depositing money into M’s account (their daughter, my BFF). See. M used to live here and now is currently renting out her house. Her renter come into the office with cash and I give it to boss to deposit into her account here that her mortgage comes out of. He took the money and spent it. M has NO IDEA. He took the money from the job that he finished (that I was hoping to get paid from) and deposited most of it into her bank account but she’s still short on her mortgage payment. The rest of the money from the customer, he paid the guys that did the job. Same fucking day they finished the job.

So here I am again… the last person in line to get paid and there’s none left for me.
But also - he’s STEALING MONEY FROM HIS OWN DAUGHTER. She has no idea? Boss lady told me not to tell her. M asked me the other day if her renters came in and I told her I gave her dad the money. I’m sure she figured it out because it’s not the first time he’s skimmed $300-400 from her deposit.

He told me yesterday he was trying hard to get me $2,000.

His daughter in law called me today. She said he called them and asked to borrow money. She told him they just couldn’t anymore because they have in the past. She offered him to call her father so HE’S BORROWING MONEY FROM HIS DAUGHTER IN LAWS FAMILY. She told me, “He said he needs to make a house payment ($1,400), truck payment ($980), van payment ($800) and pay you”

He’s borrowing $3,000. That’s not even enough for those payments.
She said, “What does he owe you? Like a thousand?”

I don’t know if that’s what he told them. I don’t know what lies he tells if he can lie to his wife about where he’s getting money. But I told her the truth. She’s the biggest loud mouth in the world and she can’t keep a secret but I’m over it. I am just so done. I told her it’s in the $4,000 and she was just shocked. She said, “That just made me sick to my stomach” and I asked her how she thought I felt.

I get so emotional when I think about it because I’m just tired. I’m tired of coming into his place every day and like I’ve said a million times before - putting up with all this bullshit and being last in line. He TELLS me I’m the backbone of this business and he appreciates me so much but then why would you put me through this?

This morning when his wife was in - EVERYTHING I mentioned, she one upped me. She was going off about her house payments and I said MY HOUSE PAYMENTS TOO and she said her’s are 90 days past due. I said something about how it’s affecting my credit and she went on a rant about how it’s affecting her’s so bad and she can’t get approved for any more cards, etc etc.

I don’t care about your problems. You guys are the ones that put yourself into this situation but more importantly YOU PUT ME INTO THIS SITUATION. I came to work everyday. I did my job. And I get put last and lied to about money all the time.

So we’ll see how much I’ll get. He’s getting the money today around 3pm apparently. I’ll be gone from here. I thought about staying later for the remainder of my days but as one of my noters said, “Don’t try go out a hero”. I will do what I can to get this office into a decent condition that they can take it over but if they can’t figure shit out, that’s their fault. This is there business. They should know how to run it themselves and not leave it up to one person. Especially one person they don’t pay.

In other bullet point news:
The wife told me boss threatened to kill himself the other night over the business/money issues.
The wife ASSURED me I would get ALL of my due payroll. She said it might not be a lump sum but it WILL happen.

In other bullet point news not job related:
I am meeting one of Andy’s friends this weekend. He’s so excited for me to meet him. He’s going out with us for St Patricks day. It’s really funny how I’ve asked MY friend multiple times to hang out with us and it’s always an excuse but his friend is super down for it.
A boy I hung out with RIGHT before I met Andy messaged me yesterday. He messaged me shortly after Andy and I were official and I told him I was with someone now. He messaged again yesterday, “Hey. Random, I know. But I was just wondering if you’re still in that relationship because I’d like to hang out. I liked spending time with you, not looking for just a hook up”

Lol. NO STILL VERY HAPPILY IN THAT RELATIONSHIP STILL but 1000000000000% I thought it was just always about a hook up with him. I wonder if he’s just full of shit NOW or if I was just really bad at reading guys because 99.5% of them just want hook ups in my mind. Or at least that’s what my past dating indicated. But nah told him I was still in a relationship and that was it.

Totally don’t miss online dating.
Totally lucked out with who I ended up with though… and all because of Tinder. Who would have thought! <3

Catleesi March 14, 2019

Congrats on the job! I feel so bad for his daughter, I can't believe he would stoop so low as to steal money from her. :(

~daydreamer~ March 15, 2019 (edited March 15, 2019)


I don't really have words for the insanity that is your job. I understand why you stay but I seriously wouldn't have given them two weeks notice, would have said, "sorry, I have bills way overdue" and started the new job immediately. There's loyalty, but it shouldn't come at a price of hurting yourself. They clearly don't put you first, so why put them!

wintergrey March 15, 2019

So glad you are out of there! I really hope they pay you what you are owed. This is definitely your year! x

SilentEcho March 15, 2019

I'm glad things are out in the open. Something else is up though. I don't feel bad for anyone he's been fucking around other than you. Everyone else is family and they should know how he is by now.

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