The Army, autoimmune diseases, and you. in Medical Drama

  • March 14, 2019, 8:02 a.m.
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It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. There has been so much going on and I haven’t been in front of my computer in any sort of leisurely capacity much in the last few weeks. The medical drama with the military continues. I finally got my decision from the Army doc. For now, they want to see if the medication that I’m on is going to work or not. Which is fine, but at the current moment, it’s going to take another 14 weeks, at least, before I see any sort of results from it. They put me on a temporary medical profile for the next 90 days. If things don’t improve they need another submission from my doctor saying that I haven’t improved and they’ll go from there. I won’t improve, so the merry-go-round will continue. I’m basically living my life 90 days at a time until they realize that this condition is for real. I told them that this has been ongoing for about 18 months, so the “wait and see” approach is a little redundant on their part. I’m going to be gathering my physical therapy records and medical records from my orthopedist to send in. I want to establish a longer timeline for them, because their response to me regarding how long I’ve been dealing with this was, “Well, you only came to us in January, so it’s only 3 months for us.” Ummm, first off, I only come to you once a year when I’m required to. Getting any unit in that sits under a Reserve capacity to push medical documentation to the proper level is like asking Santa Claus to leave you a winning lottery ticket. Second, it took me a year to even get a diagnosis. I kept getting pushed from one specialist to another. All the same, two can play this game.

To be perfectly honest, I’m angling for medical separation from the military. I haven’t been able to work out in any capacity 9 months. I’m chronically stiff, in pain, or both. Waiting on a medication that takes 16 weeks to even show some level of promise should be on the back burner in comparison to the fact that I have a lifelong autoimmune condition. I’ve got two years left and bouncing from 90 days to 90 days while they wait and see isn’t worth my time or theirs.

To add to my entire saga, I was supposed to switch from my current Reserve unit to a new one this weekend. Well, technically it’s an old one, because its where I started my wonderful military career 10 years ago. This month and next month were to be a sort of “try out” for them to see if they wanted to welcome me back. Yesterday, I get a call saying that I can’t participate with them this weekend, because of my medical issue. I can’t wear any gear and since they’re going to be in full gear all weekend, I would just be dead weight. Again, umm, ok? Wearing full gear in a pretend combat environment means you can still utilize me in some fashion without my gear. I’m more than just dead weight, but thanks guys. Now I have to find a way to make up the time I’m going to miss. I’ll get to join them for training next month, but… I question if they’ll accept me back because of my medical issues. Seems like there would be a rule against that somewhere, but… it’s the Army. They can do whatever they want.

Getting really tired of this garbage. It’s interesting to me how the medical profile pushed by the Army doc says I can’t train, but they want to “wait and see” on a chronic autoimmune disease.

gattaca March 14, 2019

My stepson eventually separated from the Navy after 10 years for health reasons. He was a database analyst. But prolonged ship duty (USS Momsen) took its toll.

hippiechica15 March 14, 2019

Nightmare all around.

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