Oh my god a breakthrough in Mommy Confesses

  • March 12, 2019, 6:24 a.m.
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So usually I put baby in a penned off/fenced off area in my bedroom to play. It’s small and he plays with the same toys day in day out and often cries and screams after being in there 5-10 mins after which I just pick him up and then complain about my life and the fact I can’t read a book. I decided he probably just wants more space seeing as he’s crawling and nearly walking.

So I have removed the baby fences and just let him roam my entire bedroom (with the door closed to prevent him wandering off out of sight). I put down foam mats so he doesn’t hurt his butt on the wooden floor and I’ve baby proofed my bedroom. Electrical sockets, cupboard doors, small wires, etc. all proofed. I let him roam free now while I sit on the bed keeping an eye on him and I can loosely read a book at the same time. He hasn’t cried for the last 90 mins and is happily exploring my bedroom and looking at things. Oh my god have I cracked it? Is this what I should have been doing for so long?

I’ve actually read three pages in my book. That’s not a lot in 90 minutes but it’s a huge achievement! I keep stopping and starting to interact with him and make sure nothing dangerous is happening but this is amazing.

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