Crapola in Librarian Seeking Library

  • March 8, 2019, 12:55 p.m.
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Well, I’ve been thinking about my Librarian 1 interview and researching story time ideas and such.

This morning, I called HR and they told me that because I am in an unclassified position and not covered by the merit system rules, if I was offered the job, it would be like hiring me off the street, and I would be offered the starting salary. I could push and at most, they could ask for 5% more, but with the competition for this job, I’m a dime a dozen. That ain’t happening.

So, I’m looking at a $15,092.80 a year pay cut.


Not happening.


I guess I make the best of my current role.

Maybe I can retire and then become a librarian. lol smh

Leanne 🌈 March 08, 2019


Happy Girl March 11, 2019


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