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  • March 2, 2019, 11:43 a.m.
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Every year I have to fight the IRS and jump through hoops to get some money back from our tax return. I defaulted on student loans when we were going through such a rough time and our house was in foreclosure. I was supposed to have a $0 payment plan but there were issues with my name/maiden name and the papers were never properly filed. Of course, I didn’t know this until they took our refund last year. But, I can file an injured spouse form and get some of the refund back.

So I sent in the form and have been checking the IRS website every day to see if they got it. They finally did. Now I just have to sit and wait. It can take up to 8 weeks to get any answers. Hopefully we get some money back. We are trying to open a non-profit for Veterans and I also really, really, really want a vacation.

We went to the mall yesterday to walk and get exercise. My husband wanted to buy a necklace for me from the Zales Disney collection. It is a Snow White apple necklace. It has a floating garnet which is really pretty because it moves around and looks kind of magical. They were trying to sell us on it and mentioned a credit line or layaway. I am trying to rebuild my credit so I’m really picky about that, but the layaway sounded great. My husband wanted to buy it outright but I talked him into the layaway because he could use that extra money on stuff for the forge. I love layaway. That’s basically how I get to go to Disney. I book the trip with $200 down then make payments. I have a specific part time job that is my “vacation fund.” I get sad when I need to use it for life. My husband swears it will change soon and he’s going to get his career back. This grad school shit is killing me. He starts student teaching full time next semester.

My poor middle child was trying to play with her brother and a group of his friends down the block. Alot of them had bikes and she tried digging out her old bike from years ago out and riding it. I have no idea why we still have it, it’s junk. I was afraid she would kill herself. It was too small! And the chain was rusty. And the tires were mostly flat. I told her not to use it and she was so sad. She then tried finding a bike pump to air up the tires. She was trying to use a ball pump. It was a sad little disaster. I told her “Okay grab your shoes lets go get a pump.” I really planned to buy her a new bike but wanted to surprise her. The whole way there she was thanking me for taking her to get a pump. She’s such a sweet little squirrel. When I told her to pick out a bike, she pretty much lost her mind. Then I got her training wheels, a unicorn helmet and a new pump. The cost was so minimal and her gratefulness was so huge. You would think I never buy her anything with how happy she gets. I totally buy her stuff all the time. I guess when you’re a kid, a new bike seems like a huge deal.

I like when we aren’t living like we are poor as dirt. About one month out of every 4 is a struggle because the VA drags their feet processing claims on his GI Bill.

We booked a 3BR 2BA condo in Florida for July. I never really rented on VRBO so I’m excited to try it out. It is a gated resort with four pools, some hot tubs, etc. It will be nice to have a full kitchen and space to relax! Cant wait to surf and collect sea shells and get a tan!

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