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  • Feb. 28, 2019, 1:53 p.m.
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My name is Alexander Hamilton…

Say what??!!!!

i know its not until 2021 but. Hamilton is coming to Tucson!

So I bought season tickets for Broadway in Tucson because I MUST have tickets to Hamilton.

Actually, my mom won $900 at the casino, so she bought 4 tickets for me, her, my sisters Kim and Nikki. I bought a ticket for Maya and Nikki and Kim bought tickets for their 2 daughters.

This season has a great line up including:
Hello Dolly
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Play that Goes Wrong
A Bronx Tale and
Come From Away.

The add ons are the Book of Mormon and Jersey Boys. Which I will also go see.


I better not die before then lol – kidding, not kidding.

Happy Girl February 28, 2019

What a great seasons lineup!

hippiechica15 February 28, 2019

great line-up!! My parents got season passes because of Hamilton, but they couldn't buy any extra tickets or I WOULD BE GOING -_- lol I'm salty about it.

KPink hippiechica15 ⋅ February 28, 2019

I would be soooo salty! Lol

The Thirsty Oriental hippiechica15 ⋅ March 01, 2019

Shit. I’d be salty, too. Hamilton is soooooo awesome.

hippiechica15 The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ March 01, 2019

For the record, the theater didn't allow them to buy extra tickets, it's not that they wouldn't!! One day I'll see this show...It's been a great way for theaters to get season members, every little theater I know of made you become a member to get tickets!

KPink hippiechica15 ⋅ March 02, 2019

aw man, that stinks! my sister had season tickets at ASU, which is how I got tickets.
I get it all though, it is so worth it! I hope you get to see it someday!

hippiechica15 KPink ⋅ March 03, 2019

If I lived by them I might have gotten myself a season pass lol I missed out on the theater running that promotion closer to me. One day!!

The Thirsty Oriental March 01, 2019

I want to see Come From Away. A lot.

Hamilton is life-changing.

KPink The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ March 02, 2019

It IS!!!! It's insane man! ... I hear Hamilton in EVERYTHING. and I really hate when I hear it, I reference a song and the person I'm speaking to doesnt get it...grrrr.

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