1st Entry in 3yrs.. A lot Has Happened. in Daily Ramblings

  • Feb. 11, 2019, 9:19 a.m.
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1st my mom had to go to the hospital on xmas in 2016 and never came out. She died jan 3rd 2017. i was a mess. i couldn’t believe i was going to lose her(i knew on new yes eve she had only days). Since i was taking care of her since a stroke back in 2014 i didnt have a job. i had no income, and looked at the possibility of losing the only home i’ve ever known. Thinking my dog and i would be on the street.
Well, long story short i got a job the month she died, in a store. Customer service associate. There it means pretty much everything.. cashier, stock, inventory, photo products… it was hard and difficult for a long while. Working with the public is stressful enough. But i had to learn a lot of things. i was really stressed out.
I’m still working there. Stress has lessened of course, but its still there at times. My dog and i are still in our home, i’m paying my bills, plus i met someone at my job that i love. i still miss my mom of course. She’s on my mind a lot. It was hard working there at first looking at stuff i knew my mom loved… like raisinets..Anyway..
i missed blogging and using this online diary of mine. So here i am! Back again. Hopefully making it a daily or semi-weekly routine.
i have to go to work today at 12. i’m gonna get ready soon. My dog’s set for now. i fed her and she went out. i had my coffee… actually 2 and toast. Watching MeTv but thats gonna change. im not much for perry mason now..


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