Titles Are The Hardest in Who I Hope to Become

  • Feb. 10, 2019, 10:48 p.m.
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After a long day of doing miscellaneous tasks I am finally in bed with the love of my life, our dog, and hopefully something entertaining to watch on the television. Along with focusing on trying to become physically healthier, I can’t help but to drift to thoughts of whether or not my rights as a parent could be terminated within this year.
In order to lower the chances of that happening I need to remain focused on my goals. I want the chance to raise my daughter and show that I can be a great mom. If I get a chance, I swear that is all that I need. My daughter is everything to me. She is the first thought in my head when I awake and the last thought on my mind when I fall asleep. I dream of her smell and how much her hair has grown and it warms my heart. I miss her so much and I just want her home with me, where she belongs. I hope that the DA and the judge will atleast give me the chance I deserve to show them that I have learned from my mistakes and I am ready to be a great parent.
Well we just picked a movie so looks like I’m cutting it short. Later skater!

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