The Grammys in I hate myself

  • Feb. 10, 2019, 8:27 p.m.
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I’m either getting old. Yes that’s true. Or I just stopped caring a lot about music. I mean. I still love music. But I have to confess. I don’t know these people. Even the country folks. I have no idea who they are. Maybe I’ve just been too busy with my life and work to keep up? I mean I know Miley Cyrus and the ones that have made news. Lol. But I have no clue who most of them are.

Diana Ross looked exceptional tonight tho. I can just hear all the drag queens now running off to Walmart for the red fabric to make a copy of their own dress like hers. Hahha.

It’s snowing. Yet again. And I have to somehow get to the office. I hate. And I mean hate driving in snow.

Not much else to say I guess.
I really need to get to know who all these musicians are on the Grammys. Hahaha. Nah. Fuck it. I’ll watch my YouTube vids. And be happy.


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