Working alone on my Friday in Winter 2018/2019

  • Feb. 10, 2019, 9:40 p.m.
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I’m working at the park today alone because my coworker got snowed in at her house. So far, the day has been going pretty well. The bathrooms and trash havent been too bad, but the sun is coming out so that means people will and after lunch, I’m going to be working on the more active areas, so we’ll see how that turns out. Ive only got a few more parks to go through and then I’m finished. Since it’s more sunny, I’m considering walking around the parks and picking up trash too because it takes up time and emptying trash cans and cleaning bathrooms doesnt take too much time.

I was thinking yesterday.. My coworker has taken 4 days off so far, just within 3 months.. I mean, I don’t care, but I’m sure the higher ups are taking tabs. Ive only take one day in 4 months. She works well and is a happy character to be around but if she keeps taking days off, she may get a talking to. Idk, its really none of my business, but just something I’ve thought about.

Update: Its almost the end of the day! Got just about everything done. I think I’m just going to clean the restrooms at shop after I restock. I don’t got a lot of stuff to stock, so iy wont take long.

Couldnt pickup trash cause there was graffiti I had to address, but it still took up time so that’s fine either way. So glad it’s Friday. Its been a good day but also long and I’m tired. I hope to be able to relax today and then get stuff done tomorrow. Groceries and cleaning. The life of an adult.

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