i get knocked down, but i get up again in Public

  • Feb. 8, 2019, 8:56 p.m.
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This week is just… like… could you fucking not, please. COULD YOU FUCKING NOT.


  • Snow, meaning snow routes for buses, meaning everything takes a fuckton longer and I almost die walking on black ice because YEAH SURE JUST STOP THE BUSES FROM TRAVELING ON THE COMPLETELY CLEAR ROADS AND MAKE EVERYONE WALK ON THE UNTOUCHED, UNSALTED SIDEWALKS INSTEAD. YOU KNOW, FOR FUCKING SAFETY?!?!?!?!?

  • I am sick. It’s the worst cold I’ve had in a couple years. And it came with a fever, which felt great when I had to walk around in the freezing weather due to the aforementioned snow routes.

  • Busiest week of work, including on overnight trip to Olympia.

  • A bunch of shit that means I have to be in the office today even though no one else does.

  • It’s gonna snow again today, which means by the time I get out of here the buses will be on snow route again and I’ll have to walk another fucking mile on icy sidewalks to get home and also I can’t stop coughing and sneezing and I can’t sleep either because I can’t fucking breathe.

  • At least I have weed at home.

I’ll give y’all an actual rundown of the week later, but for now I have to frantically call people despite sounding like a dying horse when I talk, and then frantically put together a spreadsheet that is 3 times more complicated than it’s ever been before and needs to be done EOB AF.

Not to mention all the fucking accounting shit I have to do because, despite us getting specific approval months ago, A/P decided to shut off one of my coworkers’ company cards with almost no warning and we have a bunch of recurring charges on there that I now need to move to Big Brother’s card which also might be maxed out because he paid for the hotel rooms in Olympia and OH MY GOD I JUST CANNOT WITH THIS FUCKING DAY.

I hate that I’m super busy right now but it’s all basic bitch admin shit so I don’t even get to jerk off to how important I am like everyone else on my team does.

I mean I could, I guess. But it doesn’t actually have any heft to it.

Whenever anyone says admin shit is important, it’s like they’re jerking THEMSELVES off for valuing low level employees. “WELL ACTUALLY, admin stuff is like, really important!!!! The companies can’t run without it and like, I bet I couldn’t do it, ha ha!” Same way people talk about janitorial services. Like they deserve a fucking medal for remembering that the people who clean their toilets are actual real humans and their jobs are hard and awful. But it’s still not about the PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE JOBS, when they say it. It’s about them feeling good about themselves for thinking to acknowledge them.

But secretly they still consider themselves better because THEIR job can’t be done by just ANYONE, after all!!!!!!!

Which is sometimes true and sometimes not, but in either case, you can all go fuck yourselves and die.

I actually spent like an hour internal-monologuing about “busy” people last night. Those whose self-identity is tied to how busy they are, how indispensable they are to everyone. I kinda get how it happens but I also kinda want to avoid becoming that person at all costs?

K bye.

Firebabe February 08, 2019

Nobody is indispensable. If they were, the world would stop, and yet somehow, life goes on.

And I was an Admin for 12 years, so when I talk about the administration side of things being important, I mean it with the depth and ferocity of a rabid squirrel on the hunt for that peanut you just dropped down the front of your shirt. And, anyone who has ever had to work in, or with, an office that had/has a shitty admin, should ALSO be fully aware of how significant the administration side of things really is.

No one has more power in an office, than the person who knows where the last box of pens is. NO ONE.

girl in recession February 09, 2019

I am BASKING in not being a busy person. Yeah I dont get paid as much and I'm in a ton of debt BUT AT LEAST MY IDENTITY ISN'T THE BUSY PERSON. lol

Jigger girl in recession ⋅ 7 days ago

That’s me right now. I’m all but unemployed, so my identity is not tied to a job description if anyone asks, “So what do you do?” I look after a pack of neighborhood cats, I garden, read, and work on jigsaw puzzles, and I’d like to get back to skating. I like myself better this way.

girl in recession Jigger ⋅ 7 days ago

Same, while I do teach 6 hours per week, I like myself better when my life is going to and from a job every day

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