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  • Jan. 15, 2019, 4:26 p.m.
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My desktop computer died early last year and I have been using the laptop in the meantime. The laptop is good, but it isn’t enough to handle everything I need a computer to do. I mainly have it to take when traveling.
Well, today I got a machine put together and am in the process is restoring files from Carbonite. But that is going to take days since I have a lot to restore and not the fastest internet in the world.
This new (not factory new, but new to me) machine has a 500Gig SSD, 2T hard drive, 24 Gig RAM and a nice gaming level video card. The main thing I did to it was install a bluray drive. I had wanted to put in a couple of hard drives in it from the dead machine, but the power supply in this one doesn’t have enough cabling. If I get ambitious I might swap out the power supply. But I think I will just take the drives from the dead computer and put them in another spare machine so I can see what can be recovered.

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