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  • Jan. 10, 2019, 9:32 p.m.
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I swung my pendulum – it may have landed in a place. Or it could be Kobie just looking for escape in adventure. But we shall see.

I have applied to participate in an around the world yacht race specifically designed for people with no experience. You may elect to do one leg, or the whole journey. Reflecting upon myself and my life and life stage – with people all around me dropping in to marriage, pregnancy – I’ve become more and isolated. I’ve thought deep and hard and realised that if I’m not doing any of those things – then I need to do something epic with my life.

It may not pull it off. They may not take me. But that little compass in my soul pinged in a strong way when this opportunity walked my way. So I am throwing my hat in ring. Keep posted.

And in work related news I had an epic win for a case. A grandmother had taken informal care of her two grandchildren who have multiple sever disabilities. She took the in despite being on the breadline herself and has raised them. She did get government support for a little bit and they then told her that to remain eligible she had to go for formal court orders. She did. And they cut her off anyway.

She had to beg them for help to get the kids shoes.

She appealed this decision to the government department. No luck. She appealed to the Minister of the Government responsible for the portfolio. No luck. She appealed to our office. We rejected. I met her face to face at a community forum – she was resigned to there being no outcome but wanted me to know of the injustice – if only to stop it happening to other people in the future. This is the thing about most of the people who complain – they’re not just looking for their own resolution – but also seeking system change for all the other people. Never underestimate the downtrodden –they’re most community minded people you’ll ever meet.

I sat with her complaint, listened to her – reviewed our own info. Sought more info. I investigated, and I dug and dug and dug and eventually I uncovered information that we could use. I put forward a very detailed argument to the government about her case and their fuck-ups.

Yesterday, I was advised that they’re reinstating her payments. AND back dating the 3 years where she was not supported. A conservative estimate for her back payment is between $50,000 - $80,000.

I am so incredibly stoked about this, what a difference this will make for her. One of the feedbacks that I have had in my performance reviews is that at times I need to let go of things a bit more and not hold on so much. But, every time that I have dug my heels in and held on I have found things worthy of pursuing and have managed outcomes.

I am so happy for this grandmother, she damn well deserves it.

jezebeljones January 10, 2019

Good work!!! I’m speechless!

Little Yellow Notebook January 11, 2019

Every fiber of my being thinks you’ll do this yacht race and I cannot wait. What a cool thing!! And yay for that grandmother! Great work!

girl in recession January 11, 2019

the yacht trip sounds AMAZING! Do you get paid to do it or have to pay for it??

I am so happy for your grandmother!

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