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  • Jan. 8, 2019, 11:15 a.m.
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I rarely get excited about jobs I’m applying to. I don’t have the luxury to be picky about it. I need a job. Any job. There’s some that seem better than others but none really excite me. Most are far away (I’ve been spoiled with a 6 minute commute for 12 years). Most pay less than what I make now. Most have stupid hours/shifts. Most seem like a shit show.

But I came across one that seemed perfect. It’s literally BLOCKS away from my house. My 6 minute commute would be even shorter! It’s a front desk for a medical center. I could handle that. The hours were decent. The pay was decent. It doesn’t REQUIRE a degree. I kept reading down the list getting more and more excited as I go and I get to:

Language: Spanish required.

Oh, great.
This isn’t the first job I haven’t been able to apply because I don’t know Spanish.

I’ve never been one of those people that are like IF YOU LIVE IN AMERICA YOU BETTER SPEAK ENGLISH....... but it makes me sad that I can’t apply to a lot of jobs because I don’t know Spanish.

And in my desperate attempt to find ANY JOB - I applied to be a cake decorator at Costco. I hear amazing things about working for Costco. I’ve definitely never been in that sort of work environment. It’s always been office. But hey, it could be fun. I LOVE decorating cakes. At this point.... I just want to be able to count on getting payroll on a steady basis.

One place I applied for requires that you send them a link to all of your social media. It’s a small office place. I guess I don’t mind being all my social media is clean but.... that’s still pretty annoying. Especially being my social media is on such tight lock down that they wouldn’t even get any information from it anyway.

So far today I’ve applied to:

Office assistant
Cake Decorator
Customer Service Representative
Dental front desk receptionist/ Insurance coordinator (I’ve applied to a lot of dental places but they ALWAYS want someone with dental experience)
Office Assistant
Accounting Administrative Assistant (They already said no)
Automotive Accounting Clerk - Biller
Front Desk Manager

But I have to get back to working being I AM currently at my job.

Applying places would be so much easier if I had a computer at home.

I’m still in a decent mind set about this. I still have good feelings about 2019. I found a nice boy and now next I’m going to find me a real job ;P


wintergrey January 08, 2019

Yes, you can still learn Spanish! Good luck with the job hunt!

SilentEcho January 08, 2019

Dude still apply if you don't know Spanish! YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT COULD COME FROM IT!!!!!

I don't think a workplace should be allowed to ask for your personal things that you do in your off time and I'd never work for one of those places that asked for those things. I'd laugh at them and hang up. If they want to be nosy and seek that shit out on their own and be judgey that's on them but I'm not going to hand it over on a platter for them.

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