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  • Jan. 5, 2019, 11 p.m.
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What a weekend it was, it did not go anything like I thought it would. There was little rest and relaxation involved. Instead, stress and worry filled my mind.

Bean had gotten sick and my wife took her to the doctors. My wife had been concerned about her weight for a while and after examing her for a cold he then talked to her about her weight. She is down 20lb from last year at this time and the doctor says that if the ordered blood work does not show something we need to take Bean to see a therapist. I’ll be honest, I did not see that coming. My wife did, but I guess I had blinders on. So on top of falling grades, we now have a possible eating disorder. (parenting fail here). At least most of her Latin is caught up and she can start the second half of the year with a clean slate and a new set of rules regarding her grades.

The boy’s eyes are going bad quickly, we took him for new glasses this weekend and his vision has deteriorated significantly since his last exam. We are going to focus on screen distance and reading in the dark to help slow the situation. Plus side is that he walked with me both days this weekend. That was nice. I will be honest, most of the time he irritates me. He acts younger than I think he should and it gets on my nerves. This weekend was pleasant in that regards. We walked and talked and it was nice.

I did well on my life plan this weekend. I walked both Saturday and Sunday and did not eat junk. I had one sugar-free pudding and that was it. For those who don’t know I have been focused on changing my health around for the last several months. I am down 20lb but had a bit of a hiccup over the holidays and started eating again. I refocused and have gotten back on track with mostly healthy foods and plenty of protein, fruit, and fiber. I lost most of the couple of pounds I put on between Thanksgiving and Christmas and am back on track with a new goal for April. 225 here I come!

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