Work is speeding up in My Thoughts

  • Jan. 3, 2019, 7:31 a.m.
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Keeping up with my resolution to write more… Work is really speeding up with our annual meeting only 2 weeks away. It seems like this App and all that goes along with it is going to come down right to the wire. I think they are doing an amazing job but my boss is prone to last minute changes which I fear will put a crimp in the process.

I have been using graphic programs more than ever before and I do not feel that comfortable with them. Even given all the years I have done Yearbook for the school I still feel lost when it comes to creating professional graphics for the business. I hope to take some course soon, by boss is going to talk to the higher ups about covering the cost for AI and Photoshop and I hope that will help my confidence.

I am really looking forward to the meeting in Dallas and the trip to the twin cities in February. Now that I am feeling more confident in my roll and place in the company I am starting to feel like I am contributing to things in a positive way. The last meeting in California did not go well for me. I got a little pissed off near the end and it showed. I am hoping for a chance to redeem myself and show what I can really do.

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