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  • Dec. 31, 2018, 6:56 a.m.
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Depeche Mode

5:46 am

Did I mention that HR called me while I was at Doc’s house on Friday? He called here at home first. Then my cell. I’m surprised he figured out how to get to the second number. Not tech savvy with his phone because he was stupid and got an iPhone after years of using an Android smh.

Anyhoo, you know me, I’m his personal IT person. He was trying to print out a PDF and couldn’t get it to print. He was freaking out because it had to get in the mail. I told him I was at Doc’s house and that I would be a couple of hours but would go straight there. I told Pam I don’t know why he couldn’t figure out how to print a PDF. He does fine printing everything else. I mean, the print icon is right there!!

So, lol I get to his house and sit at his computer, open the file and hit print. Nothing happened. So I did the obvious thing and looked at the printer. Maybe it wasn’t connected or something. I thought I was going to have to go through the rigamarole of getting it to connect to the WiFi again.

lol the damn thing wasn’t turned on. It wasn’t on. He felt like a fool for not even looking to see if the power was on.

I turned it on, canceled the 50 million times he went to print it, and printed out two copies for him.

He wanted to pay me. I refused. If it was complicated, I would have said, give me ten bucks and it’s all good. But lol all I had to do is hit the power button.

Poor guy.

Luna Leanne 🌈 December 31, 2018


Tempestuous1 January 01, 2019

LOL, and this is why tech support first asks if it's turned on or plugged in!
I love Depeche Mode fyi.

Sister January 02, 2019


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