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  • Dec. 30, 2018, 11:14 p.m.
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I officially have NYE plans. I bought wine, steaks, shrimp and sides and a sweet sweet boy is coming over to cook it with me. To bring the new year in with me. To be my FIRST midnight kiss in 32 years.

And that sweet boy is .....

Dun dun dun…


I feel like so much has been happening and the lack of an actual computer makes it hard to properly so here’s my quick phone update:

I met Andy on Tinder in the beginning of December. I may have written about him. He’s sweet. Like .... sweeter than any boy I’ve ever met. He suggested a NYE date over a week ago and I was weirded out by it. I didn’t want a first date to be a NYE date. So I spontaneously met with him last night and it was unlike any other first dates. It was so comfortable. We talked for HOURS. We laughed. We joked. We kissed. It just felt really easy being with him. He wants a relationship. He’s not looking for just sex.

So we will see how tomorrow goes but I’m excited 😊

In other non NYE news....
I’m pretty sure bff is mad at me. She canceled Friday even after I tried to change her mind. She was just “too cranky / over it / not feeling it” so whatever. Have your hissy fit then. And even though she was “soooo sleep deprived” she was still up at 3am snapchatting me. Then I barely talked to her on Saturday. Today, she’s off to the Packer game and gets drunk. She’s chatting with me and it goes like
Her: I’m a mess though (drunk)
Me: I’m glad you’re having fun!
Her: I needed a day to get white girl wasted

(K. Could have been Friday but …)

Her: we might go out when we get back. You’re invited to come but the house is a disaster so you get the couch.

Wow sounds like fun. A last minute invite to hang out with people that have been drinking all day. I already had a couple things tentively planned so I said that I might have plans but would keep her updated. She sends back

“Nevermind then.”

Yeah. She’s pissed. Because she hasn’t snapped or texted all day when she was all day before that. She is chatty when she’s drunk so yeah. But I’m not sorry. I legit was waiting on hearing from my other BFF who is in town until tomorrow from New Hampshire. She can’t give me this “it’s my birthday weekend” shit because no. Your birthday plans were on Friday. You took off work and rescheduled a lot of shit (cut back time on our Christmas night too) for Friday to happen and then cancel it because you’re pissed off other people are not bowing down to you on your birthday.


Anyway. I’m over being on my phone. I’m going to go paint my nails and wake up to clean a little bit.

I hope you all have a great NYE. Be safe and make good decisions 😊

Last updated December 30, 2018

The Thirsty Oriental December 30, 2018

I hope things go really well for you!

~daydreamer~ December 30, 2018

How exciting!!! Can't wait to hear about it.

Yout bff was being another kind of B. Something in the air with friends these days!

Little Yellow Notebook December 31, 2018

BFF has no right to be mad. She sounds dramatic.. in a way that like, sounds like she's going through shit but is taking it out on other people (you).

BeautifulMess_ January 01, 2019

Hope you had a great night. And a happy new year to you!

A Rose January 03, 2019

Happy new year to you! Hope you had a good time!

~daydreamer~ January 04, 2019

You had another entry and it disappeared. What happened? I only got to read half (was at work).

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