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  • Dec. 29, 2018, 8:57 p.m.
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One of my former coworkers, Frank, has recently taken up hiking. He’s invited me and Ty and other coworkers on weekend and evening hikes.

Usually, I am so busy with soccer, I haven’t had time.

But last weekend, Ty asked if I wanted to go hike Sabino Canyon. I declined my indoor game, and we set out to hike to 7 falls.

For our first hike, it was not bad, except that my shoes were not the right choice. My feet started hurting really bad on the way up. I think it was about 7 or so miles, except we ended up doing more b/c we started in a different spot then the trail head on my app.

On the way back it was awful, I even thought about taking them off and going barefoot. lol

anyhow, it was a nice, moderately challenging hike. We crossed several streams and had to actually hike up quite a bit.

Aside from my hurting feet, I really enjoyed it.

I didn’t get sore at all. I think probably b/c I have been weight lifting.

Ty did. LOL

Yesterday, Ty and I hiked a super easy trail in Saguaro National Park. Half way through, we found a tiny mountain hill and climbed that. Then came back down and hiked the rest of the trail.

I wore different shoes, but still, not ideal.

I am finding it incredibly addicting.

You go out, find a nice trail, pack water, sun block, chapstick, a couple of protein bars, some nuts and you go.

You are in the middle of a beautiful natural desert, walking and climbing up and down and hoping to come across a bob cat or mountain lion or javelina -in the distance! At Sabino we saw a road runner and at Saguaro we only saw a bunny. LOL but it was still beautiful.

It is calming and meditative, and you can just let your thoughts go.

It reminds me of what soccer used to mean to me when I was struggling with Del and my divorce and Stacy’s suicide and all that… I’d go out and play and not think about anything but the game.

its very similar. Except you are walking and experiencing a closeness with the earth that just takes you away from the bs of life. and it can be as long or as short as you want it to be.

Eventually, Id like to hike this trail labeled hard out at Saguaro that leads to Juniper Basin, where I can camp and then hike back. goals.

Ty said he loves it and if we are going to keep doing it, he’ll need to invest in better shoes. Agreed.

I found some Columbia hiking shoes I really like, they are $80.
and while I know I love doing this, I hate investing in it if I’m not 100% certain I’ll do it frequently.

I mean, I’d easily drop a couple hundred on soccer cleats lol

I found a gently used pair on ebay that would cost me under $30 that I am considering. Though I like the other ones better. augh. I hate spending money. lol though not that much b/c I’m researching hiking shorts, shoes, pants, backpacks, tops so on and so forth b/c I have an addictive personality and have to have it all.

At Seven Falls, Sabino Canyon - you climb up and then back down to get to the falls

I didnt get a pic of the little ponds b/c there were people and I didnt want them in my picture lol

End of that day:

Micah View Loop Trail, in a ravine

Micah View Loop Trail, hill top

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Bobbie dawn December 29, 2018

If you want a challenging hike google the flat iron. I didn't even make it half way, my sister in law made it half way, my husband almost made it all the way up and only my brother in law made it all the way.

KPink Bobbie dawn ⋅ December 30, 2018

Holy crap! That looks amazing AND scary! lol maybe one day I will be strong and brave enough to try it!

hippiechica15 December 30, 2018

I would like to hike more this year! The place nearest us got hit by a tornado in May so I need to find other trails.

KPink hippiechica15 ⋅ December 30, 2018

oh no, that stinks!!! I hope you find some! My friend told me about this app, All Trails and it gives info about trails nearby. Its cool, if you havent already seen it. :)

hippiechica15 KPink ⋅ December 30, 2018

I will have to check it out!!

Happy Girl December 31, 2018


SweetMelissa January 01, 2019

That sounds amazing and the pictures are beautiful.

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