Canceled in Everything.

  • Dec. 28, 2018, 6:26 p.m.
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Bff canceled her birthday plans because she has her period and is “sleep deprived” (I guess that eventually happens to you when you decide to stay up until 2am everynight) so she’s “cranky and over it” (also because no one else wanted to go out but I’m not surprised)

She’s full of lots of excuses
Sleep deprived
No one else going
She doesn’t want to rush home from work.
She doesn’t want to drive in the rain/snow even though it’s barely doing either.

I didn’t really wanna go to the club she wanted to but I still wanted to hang so I’m a little disappointed. I mean we could have gone to a different bar. We could have gone to pottery painting being it’s wine night there tonight. The movies. Bowling. Anything! It doesn’t always have to be this club. But she’s just so cranky all the time yet she always complains she never does anything. She took off work because of her birthday.

So now I have no plans. She told me to “see if boy wants to hang out tonight” ..... which is what I’ll probably do but I was actually looking forward to a girls night.

But it’s HER birthday so I can’t complain about it.

My other BFF who was going a “maybe” on hanging with us tonight never responded to my message so I’m sure she won’t hang.

Ughggghhhh. I need more girl friends.

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