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  • Dec. 14, 2018, 1:55 p.m.
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Big Brother called me at 6:30 last night to ask me how to “send an email so no one can see who it was sent to.” Known to all other adult humans as “BCC” and literally how do you not know how to do it, LOL.

I’m not actually judging him. Remember yesterday when he read an entire fucking governor’s budget and cranked out a summary relevant to our interests in 6 hours? And all he needed help with is how to send it so a bunch of assholes don’t hit reply all saying “thanks bro”?

Anyway his timing was One Hundred Emoji because I was ABOUT to get stoned. If he’d called 5 minutes later, I would have just rambled about the history of carbon copies until I forgot the original question.

Then I got stoned and watched The Lobster.

I… did not need that movie in my life. It’s not… a bad movie… It’s just. It’s using this strange, inexplicable world to make a philosophical point about human nature. But the strangeness of the world/extreme flatness of the performances are so forward that they were distracting, and I couldn’t stay focused on what they were trying to say.

At first, it all kinda made sense. they’re flat and cold because their world is flat and cold, and love is obligatory and empty. But then as the plot progressed, character traits and motivations ceased to have any bearing on real-life emotions. It stopped reflecting something real, and started to feel weird for weirdness’s sake.

It was still a decent watch. It was dark. I wasn’t ~traumatized~ by it in any way, but I can almost guarantee it’s the reason I had so many nightmares last night, since the nightmares had a similar tone to the movie.

One of which was only about 10 seconds long–I suddenly remembered I was supposed to take care of my brother’s cats. I found them dead in their litter box, already decomposing. In that 10 seconds I rapidly went through emotional stages.

Maybe they’re okay? … Obviously not.

Can I possibly replace them? No, this isn’t a sitcom, people know their own cats.

They died alone and hungry.

I killed them with my negligence.

And then it ended with the thought “this is the worst thing I’ve ever done” screaming in my mind over and over.

I abruptly woke up (thank god) and GASPED like I was yanked out of the water on the verge of drowning. Two seconds later I processed that this horrible thing didn’t actually happen, and the relief was almost as intense as the horror.

Then I texted Carolyn about it to get it out of my head, fell back asleep and had two more nightmares. (AND THE CAT ONE WASN’T EVEN THE FIRST NIGHTMARE OF THE EVENING.)

So maybe no more movies about… whatever the fuck The Lobster was about.

Maybe I’ll catch up on DePhoMo over the weekend. The WONDERFULLY EMPTY WEEKEND.

Milquetoast just said he has the entirety of Jagged Little Pill stuck in is head and now it’s in mine too. This is the worst thing he’s ever done to me. thank God he looks super attractive today or I’d otherwise unsubscribe from his friendship.

Maybe it’ll help to listen to it.

Nope, this is not helping. Oh well. YOU LIVE, YOU LEARN, AM I RIGHT? THAT’S AN ALANIS LYRIC. HA HA, COOL. BYE.

Oh one more thing: turns out asking people for “philosophical ideas” to drunkenly try to explain just causes everyone to try to prove how smart they are by pulling out obscure philosophical terminology. Which, why DIDN’T I predict this? IT IS LITERALLY WHY I HATE PHILOSOPHY. Or, why I hate the people who… talk about it. Haha.

I think it’ll actually make it more fun, to take these inexplicable jargon phrases and drunkenly dumb them down (while missing important points in the process). Nothing more fun than spreading misinformation for entertainment purposes, right?!? I AM THE HUFFPO OF ALCOHOLICS.


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Beatrix Plotter December 14, 2018

Oh man, I saw The Lobster on Valentine's Day for some damn reason. The scene with the dog... just no.

Deleted user December 14, 2018

Wasn't Jagged Little Pill turned into a musical? I remember an article about a musical based on an Alanis Morrosette album, at the very least

A misinformation video involving philosophy may be just as good as an informative one
Someone pointed out that as bad as Comic Sans is as a font, it gets people interested in fonts so the ends may justify the means if a drunken philosophy video gets people looking into it

One Angry Dwarf Deleted user ⋅ December 14, 2018

oh christ, was it? Ugh now that you say it it's starting to sound familiar. WHY IS THIS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

You're right re: philosophy, especially since I'll be very clear about the fact that I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about. So it's not exactly HuffPo status, as I'm not claiming to be an educator/journalist.

girl in recession December 15, 2018

I will basically take everything you talk about in your philosophy videos at face value and if anyone IRL argues with my understanding of the concepts I will then reference you so that they also look up your videos so that you can become YouTube famous

sideways. December 16, 2018

I hated that movie so fucking much.

Fernweh December 16, 2018 (edited December 16, 2018)


That nightmare sounds horrific. 😰 I once had a dream that I had a baby and forgot to feed it breastmilk, I just kept giving it water until it was dead. Not as bad as yours because I don't actually HAVE a baby so the dream wasn't as personal, but I related to yours because I too had this acute "I am an actual monster" feeling.

So THAT'S what the BCC line is for?? I had no idea. 😅

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