DePhoMo #5: Country Life in DePhoMo

  • Dec. 6, 2018, 10:42 p.m.
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I don’t live in the country, but I did take a picture of this painting in a bar once.

alt text

I mean, I imagine that’s meant to be the country. #NotAllCountryBabies, obv. OR IS IT? No of course it’s not, OF COURSE.

Okay fine I do have one photo of the actual country. HERE IS ME AND LP WANDERING AROUND THE COTSWOLDS LOOKING FOR A PATH THROUGH FARMLAND THAT WE NEVER ACTUALLY FOUND. (but we did find a lot of sheep)

alt text

It was a straight up gorg walk though, probably my favorite day of our trip. I took like 3 actual pictures of the countryside but FUCK YOU, YOU GET OUR DUMB FACES INSTEAD.

K I’ll probably be back later to add today’s prompt, whatever it is.

Last updated December 06, 2018

Firebabe December 06, 2018

You guys look absolutely thrilled. LOL.

girl in recession December 06, 2018

haha beautiful

dickson. December 07, 2018

Again, this picture on the Dephomo page has made me laugh out loud.

Whims and Woodlands December 08, 2018

When were you in the Cotswolds?? How did I miss you going to England?

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